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March Photo A Day: Morning

March Photo A Day Morning

March Photo A Day was created by Chantelle Ellem (@FatMumSlim). Each day, there is a brand new theme that you must take a photo of. Some have been easy to do, and others were a bit of a struggle. I like that this project forces you to be creative with your photography. I’ve managed to keep up with the photos every day so far. Those who are participating on Twitter are using #fmsphotoaday

The Theme for Day 22 is: Morning


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March Photo A Day: Fly


This month, I am participating in March Photo A Day.  It was created by Chantelle Ellem (@FatMumSlim).  Every day, there is a brand new topic presented.  The goal is to take a photo that fits with the topic.  The bigger goal, of course, is to keep up with the daily photos for the entire month.  Those who are participating on Twitter are using #fmsphotoaday.

The Theme for Day 7 is: Fly

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Imitation Peep


Here’s Max, doing an unintentional imitation of a Marshmallow Peep.

She loves to sit on soft, comfortable, blankets. Given the opportunity, she will find one, sit on it, and then take a nap. Towels and sheets are acceptable alternatives. When I was in college, she used to sit on my shoulders or back when I was reading or studying, flip my hair over herself, and then take a nap. This is a bird that loves napping and comfort!

This ...

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Morris Isn’t What You Would Call “Normal”


Morris the cockatiel is a bit strange. There are times when he is squawking away, alerting us to some perceived danger, while the rest of the birds in our little flock stare at him quizzically. Morris doesn’t behave as one would expect a cockatiel to.

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The Marvin Dance


Marvin does this nervous little “dance” fairly often. When we first adopted him, he did it all the time, as he got used to his new surroundings. Now, he does what I call “The Marvin Dance” when he is trying to figure something out that he isn’t so sure about.

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Marvin Loves Tortilla Chips

Marvin eating tortilla chips

Here is Marvin enjoying some tortilla chips. We adopted Marvin, and have learned that he not only knows what tortilla chips are, but also loves to eat them. Doesn’t he look happy?

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Envisage Year 5 – Themed Thursday “Black and White”


This is my submission for the theme: “Black and White”.

Envisage is photo blog where you post one photo, every day, for an entire year. It is a blog that is women-only, and I have been involved with it (in one way or another), since the very beginning.

This year, I am stepping back a bit and not submitting one photo every day. Instead, I am participating in their “Themed Thursday” assignments. This part of the blog is open to everyone. The photos sent in for “Themed Thursday” are posted to the Envisage Facebook page.

Gordo rests on couch
Became the perfect photo
For “Black and White” theme

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