Pepper Plants in Our Backyard

Shawn and I decided to see what would happen if we tried to grow some pepper plants in our teeny-tiny backyard. We eat a lot of peppers in our meals, and thought it would be cool if we could grow some instead of buying them every week.

To get started, Shawn enlisted the aid of his sister (who knows how to grow plants and has basically started her own farm). Shawn picked out a small orange pepper plant and a small green pepper plant. They were put into a planter and regularly watered.

I am impressed by how well these two little plants are doing. In this blog, I have photos of our pepper plants.

Originally, we thought that the first plant to grow a pepper was the green pepper plant, and that the slower-to-grow one was the orange pepper plant. Later, we discovered we had reversed them. The outcome is the same, though. We will end up with some green peppers and some orange peppers.

July 4, 2016:

The green pepper plant is growing one lovely little pepper.

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

August 12, 2016

The green pepper plant has one pepper growing and two more little ones that are starting to grow.

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

The orange pepper plant has two peppers growing now.

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

August 26, 2016

Turns out the green pepper plant is an orange pepper plant. 3 peppers

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

Turns out orange pepper plant is actually a green pepper plant. 2 peppers

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

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