Kitchen Scramble: Shutting Down

Tonight, when I went to play Kitchen Scramble, I was presented with a new pop-up. As of April 20, 2014, Kitchen Scramble will no longer be available for play on The game is officially shutting down. That’s disappointing! It was a fun little game to play for a few minutes in between working on writing.

Kitchen Scramble Shutting Down

I’ve no idea if the game will be available outside of The wording only says that it will be removed from soon. I suppose if it is currently available on Facebook, there is a chance it will continue to be playable there? Or, I guess this could be a clue that sold the game to some other company. Maybe it will appear somewhere else and be playable. Of course, that leads to a bigger question. Will the game force players to spend real world money on in-game micro-transactions in order to make progress?

Originally, my goal with Kitchen Scramble was to get all three stars in every level, and to complete all the location goals. I doubt I will have time to complete the entire game before it disappears from Whatever progress I make will be blogged about here.


4 comments to Kitchen Scramble: Shutting Down

  • Shawn  says:

    The girl from the game seems pretty happy about this. Perhaps she was growing tired of constantly filling orders for angry customers.

  • Karen  says:

    You can still play it on Facebook.

  • Jen  says:

    Good to know, thanks, Karen! I had no idea if it would still be available on Facebook or not because I don’t use Facebook. I’m sure the news that Kitchen Scramble is still playable on Facebook will make a lot of people happy.

  • Shelly  says:

    There is also an app now, so you can Play it on your Smartphone without being on Facebook. I like it as an app even more. You kinda Save time by not Having to controll a mouse and just use your Fingers to tap. Have fun!

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