Kitchen Scramble: Mozzaroma

The third town in the Kitchen Scramble game is called Mozzaroma.  When your food truck gets here, you start serving things like caprese salad, various kinds of pasta dishes, calzones, pizzas, and things like that.

I’m blogging my progress through the Kitchen Scramble game.  Someone on the forums suggested trying to get all 3 stars for every level.  I’m also trying to complete all 3 location goals for each town, just to make things more challenging.

Mozzaroma is a little bit more difficult than the previous two towns in Kitchen Scramble.  There are more types of food in this level than in the previous ones, so you have more to “learn” and keep track of.

The other thing that makes Mozzaroma more difficult is this little guy right here:

Race car driverThis customer did not appear in either of the previous two towns in Kitchen Scramble.  He is a race car driver.  This guy has very little patience.  He will go from having 5 hearts (happy) to 1 heart (irate) faster than the other customers.  There is potential that you will get more than one of him at your counter at the same time (which adds to the difficulty).

I got all three stars in every level of Mozzaroma a while ago.  The screenshots below show that Kitchen Scramble had an update sometime after I completed Mozzaroma.  The font in the location goals sign has changed.

Here is the first half of Mozzaroma (with all 3 stars in every level).

Mozzaroma Screen 1

Here is the second part of Mozzaroma (with 3 stars in every level).

Mozzaroma Screen 2

I also completed all three location goals.

Mozzaroma Location Goals


8 comments to Kitchen Scramble: Mozzaroma

  • Trisch  says:

    The trick to the race car driver, is to always have a salad premade and waiting on your display plate 🙂 Some levels the salad is the only thing that is made in the bowl and in those ones, you can just leave the finished salad in the bowl.

  • Jen  says:

    Thanks, Trisch!
    That’s great advice! 🙂

  • Muffin  says:

    the salad bowl idea wrks great. also the lady who orders the caprese salad is very impatient. what i do is keep a caprese salad in a holding platter like the one u have in the picture above

  • sarra  says:

    hi, what means the “plus” (+) on the food icons please?

  • sarra  says:

    hi, what means the “plus” (+) on the food icons in Mozzaroma please (lvl 43)?

  • Jen  says:

    Thank you for your comment! I’m sorry, I do not know what the “plus” means on the food icons in Mozzaroma. I was playing Kitchen Scramble through the Playdom website, and the game is no longer available there. As such, I have no way to check to see what that “plus” means. I do not use Facebook, so I have stopped playing Kitchen Scramble.

  • Czarina  says:

    Anyone can help me to have cash on kitchen scramble iim stock on level 39 i cnt enter mozzarome stage…

  • Soni Singh  says:

    How to get help… Can anyone help me out in enteting in level 3

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