Instagram Photo Project: End of the Line

I started my Instagram Photo Project on my 42nd birthday. Realizing that 42 was “the answer to life, the universe, and everything“, I looked for answers. I posted a comment that revealed the question that went with it.

Along the way, I learned how to take photos on my iPhone 6 and how to post them on Instagram. In addition, I learned what kind of photos I enjoy taking.

The Instagram Photo Project reached the end of the line (on the day that I turned 43). In this blog, I have the photos I posted on Instagram during May 2016 (the last month of the project). A total of 42 photos from the whole project have been put into a photo book that will be revealed soon!

When I started my Instagram Photo Project, I was unsure if I would keep my Instagram account after the project was over. After thinking it over, I decided that I will keep it, but might not post as often. One thing I know for certain is I will drop the question/answer format that was part of my Instagram Photo Project.

The photos in this blog were taken on May 2, May 4, May 6, May 7, May 9, and May 22, 2016.

The answer is Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

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The question was: What do I recommend to people who LOVE the taste of ginger?

I tried this Fever-Tree Ginger Beer on a whim, and discovered that it was very good. The drink is nonalcoholic, and the strong ginger taste has a kick to it.

The answer is: New shoes

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The question was: What makes my feet feel happy?

I really needed new shoes and ended up buying the newest style of the brand I had been wearing. So comfortable!

The answer is: Birthday Cake Frappaccino

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The question was: What is very similar to a Cupcake Frappaccino?

Oddly enough, I did not decide to try out the Birthday Cake Frappaccino on my actual birthday. It turned out that Starbucks had stopped making them the day before I wanted one, but the nice baristas still had the pink whipped cream – so they made one for me anyway. It tastes exactly the same as the Cupcake Frappaccino (which I think they make all year round.) I learned that I still do not like the taste of whipped cream at all. After so many years of avoiding milk, it tastes bleah. But, I enjoyed the rest of the Birthday Cake Frappccino.

The answer is: Heart shaped potato

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

The question was: What is something I’ve never seen before?

Buy the ugly produce at the grocery store. Most people won’t buy it because it doesn’t look picture-perfect. I found this perfectly good potato at my local grocery store. It wasn’t any more difficult to peel than a more typical looking potato would be and it tasted just as good. The ugly produce often gets thrown out – even though there is nothing wrong with it. You can help prevent food waste if you buy the ugly produce.

Free comic book day -part 1. My selection from this year's free comics

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

May 7 is Free Comic Book Day. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get some free comic books. I like to make a purchase while I’m there, so I can help support the local comic book shop. The comics in the above photo are my selection of the free ones that were offered this year. People get to pick 3. Shawn and I went together, so we ended up with a total of 6.

Free Comic Book Day – part two! One of the comic book shops in my town is called Captain Nemo’s. Go there on Free Comic Book day, and they will let each person choose three back issues from the multitude of boxes that they have scattered around the store. The photo shows what I picked this year. I was delighted to find The Maxx because I really liked watching the cartoon on TV. (It seems to have disappeared from the internet).

Free Comic Book day – part three! I purchased every issue of the new Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn) I could find. It’s always nice to support your local comic book shop, and I’d been meaning to get some of these. Two of these are the same story with alternative covers. I’ve got number 1 through 6 now.

A murloc with Malthael's hood and weapons. I drew this for Con Before the Storm

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I drew a murloc (from World of Warcraft) with Malthael’s hood and weapons (from Diablo III) for a Kickstarter achievement that Con Before the Storm was doing. It was fun! I’m posting this here because I believe it was the moment I remembered how much I enjoy making visual art (after years of not making very much of it). From this, I learned that I need to start setting aside time to work on creative stuff.

The answer is: Daddy long legs spider

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

The question was: What did I conjure today?

Spiders tend to appear around me when I’ve been really sick or especially exhausted. I’ve been told by a friend that they are giving me energy. This one was in the corner of the bathroom. It started in the bedroom, then moved to the corner of the bathroom, and then I lost track of it for a bit. When I went to clean the bathroom, I found the the spider had tried to build a web between the shower and the wall near the floor. So, I had to take him outside (so he wouldn’t get killed from the cleaning products I was using).

The answer is: Pepper plants

A photo posted by Jen Thorpe (@queenofhaiku) on

The question was: What are we trying to grow?

Shawn’s sister helped him to put two pepper plants into this pot. We eat a lot of green and red peppers, so it would be nice if we could manage to grow some. One of these plants developed some flowers after this photo was taken.

I took some other photos in May, but I think the rest need to be in their own blog post instead of in this one. This concludes my year-long Instagram Photo Project. At the time I am putting together this blog post, I am waiting on the “proof” of the photo book to arrive. It contains 42 of the best photos from “Year 42”.

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