Heroes of the Storm: Winter Veil 2016

Heroes of the Storm had a Winter Veil 2016 event that began on December 14, 2015, and ended on January 4, 2017.  I didn’t get around to playing it until a few days before the end.  The last time I played Heroes of the Storm (HotS) was over a year ago.  I’m giving the game another try, so maybe I should start paying attention to the in-game events a little more closely than I had been.

The thing that made me interested in playing HotS was the Festive Treasure Goblin Mount.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on January 3 and January 4 of 2017.

Blizzard made a somewhat bizarre video that connected to the Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil 2016 event.  The video is called “Twelve Days of Winter Veil”.

I am somewhat familiar with the Winter Veil event that takes place every year in World of Warcraft. The HoTS version was new to me.


To get the special rewards, players had to finish 25 games (excluding the Heroes Brawl game mode). Players who finished 25 games while the event was taking place got permanent access to the Festive Treasure Goblin Mount and a Special Snowflake portrait. Everyone who played HotS during the event earned 25% bonus XP.

I like to play Heroes of the Storm with a team of A.I. players – and against a team of A.I. players.  I put the game on the easiest difficulty because it has been a year since I played.  For now, that’s how things will stay.  The cool part about my decision is that the game counted my progress on the Winter Veil 2016 Quest anyway.

winter-veil-2016-questTo be honest, I really should have started working on the Winter Veil 2016 quest much sooner than I did.  Starting it the day before the end of the fest did not give me enough time to play 25 games.  I’m going to have to pay more attention to HotS events in the future, so I can get in there as soon as possible.

snowmen-appear-after-winWin a game, and a circle of dancing snowmen will appear around your enemy’s destroyed core.

reindeer-with-festive-treasure-goblinOr, you might get a flying reindeer that has a Festive Treasure Goblin hanging off the back of it’s saddle.

I started out playing Muradin, a Hero that I own and have done a little bit of leveling on.  In addition to the Winter Veil 2016 Quest, I also had a Daily Quest requiring me to play 2 games as a WoW Hero.  Muradin seemed like good choice.

muradin-master-of-the-curseThe screenshot above shows something that was not in the game last time I played (which was over a year ago).  I’m sure it’s not new to most people.  I didn’t get MVP, but my Muradin got “Master of the Curse” – 28% Curse Damage.  My best guess is that I earned this by going after the tribute in the Cursed Hollow Battleground.

played-1-of-2-games-as-wow-character-winterveilAt the end of my first game in a very long time – I was halfway through the “Play 2 games as a Warcraft Hero” Daily Quest.  I also got started on the Winter Veil 2016 Quest.

muradin-winter-veil-finished-wow-quest-portrait-for-leveling-upThe above screenshot shows that I completed my “Play 2 games as a Warcraft Hero” Daily Quest.  Muradin leveled and was now Level 6.  This appears to have unlocked a Hero Portrait.  (I have yet to figure out where to find it or what it is used for.).  The third box says “Hero Level Up! Mount Variation!”

killed-3-heroesThe screenshot above says:  Great Job! You killed 3 Heroes during the match while similar players averaged 2.6.  Muradin in Versus A.I. (Last 30 Days).  This wasn’t in the game last time I played (over a year ago).  I like that this notification, and the MVP and top five screens, point out when a player does something good.

2-of-25-winter-veil-gamesI had now completed 2 of 25 Winter Veil 2016 games.

festive-treasure-goblin-mountI was using Maltheal’s Phantom as a mount.  Out of curiosity, I decided to check and see what mounts I had.  To my surprise, the Festive Treasure Goblin Mount was there!  It is a temporary one that I can use during Winter Veil 2016.

choose-a-free-heroThe game gave me a free hero as a gift.  I have absolutely no idea what prompted this.  My choice was between Jaina (Assassin) and Tyrande (Support).  I have a few Assassin characters already, so I picked Tyrande (a Ranged Support character).

tyrande-unlockedTyrande unlocked!

sylvanis-free-to-playMy next Daily Quest required me to “Play 3 games as a Specialist Hero”.  I don’t have any, and should buy myself one soon.  Sylvanis was free-to-play, and she is a Specialist Hero.  I borrowed her for my Daily Quest.  This was my first time playing this Hero.

sylvanis-infoPlayers can use any Specialist Hero to complete the “Play 3 games as a Specialist Hero” Daily Quest.  It does not matter which Blizzard game the Specialist Hero came from.

sylvanis-on-festive-treasure-goblin-mountSylvanas rides a Festive Treasure Goblin Mount.

sylvanis-siege-masterMy Sylvanas got “Siege Master” – 26% of Team’s Structure Damage.

 finished-specialist-daily-quest-with-sylvanas-winter-veilCompleting the “Play 3 games as a Specialist Hero” Daily Quest resulted in a reward of 300 Gold.  I might have enough Gold now to purchase Sylvanas.  I need a Specialist Hero, and she was fun to play.

5-winter-veil-2016-games-completedI had now played 5 out of 25 games for the Winter Veil 2016 Quest.

play-2-games-as-starcraft-hero-winter-veilMy last Daily Quest was “Play 2 games as a StarCraft Hero”.   Raynor is fun to play, and is my only StarCraft Hero.

raynor-master-of-the-curse-winter-veilMy Raynor got “Master of the Curse” – 40% Curse Damage.

6-of-25-winter-veil-2016-gamesHalfway through the StarCraft Hero Daily Quest!

7-of-25-winter-veil-gamesI got 200 Gold as a reward for completing the “Play 2 games as a StarCraft Hero” Daily Quest.  There were no more Daily Quests to complete.  I now had now played 7 out of 25 games for the Winter Veil 2016 Quest.  This was the point where it dawned on me that it was unrealistic to think I’d be able to finish this Quest before the deadline.

play-8-games-daily-questThe next time I logged in, the game gave me a new Daily Quest to complete.  “Play 8 games”.  There were no limitations on what kind of Hero I could use to play those 8 games.  The Winter Veil 2016 quest was still viable, so I decided to try working on both quests at the same time.

malfurion-play-8-games-daily-quest-winter-veil I picked Malfurion – just to change things up.

malfurion-above-average-winter-veilGreat Job! You dealt 16,878 Hero Damage, 12.8% more than similar players’ average of 14,958.9.  Malfurion in Versus A.I. (Last 30 Days).

8-winter-veil-quest-gamesI now had a total of 8 out of 25 games for the Winter Veil 2016 Quest, and 1 out of 8 games for the Daily Quest.


Great job!  You contributed 11,817 XP, 16.9% more than similar players’ average of 10,105.  Malfurion in Versus A.I. (Last 30 Days).

The Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil 2016 event ended while I was playing that game.  I ended up with 8 out of 24 games for the Winter Veil 2016 Quest, woefully short of the goal.  Maybe there will be another HotS Winter Veil Quest next year.

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