Heroes of the Storm: Mega Bundle

Heroes of the Storm had a special freebie going on that started on April 25, 2017.  It gave players enough gems to purchase a Mega Bundle with.  All players had to do was log in to Heroes of the Storm while the offer was still valid.

There were a total of four different Mega Bundles to choose from.  Each one contained 20 Heroes.  Players could only purchase one Mega Bundle – no matter how many gems they had.  After thinking it over, I picked the Mega Bundle that had the most Diablo III Heroes in it.

The Mega Bundle I selected included a total of 20 Heroes.  It included 1 Hero that I already had.  This was true for all four versions of the Mega Bundle.  This didn’t bother me because I was getting a lot of Heroes that were new to me, all at once, for free.

I was given 1,000 gems when I logged into Heroes 2.0 for the first time.

I was given 100 free gems to spend and claim my Mega Bundle.

After looking at all four Mega Bundles, I chose the Flex Mega Bundle.  There was a “warning” on the screen that said: This bundle is part of the “Mega Bundle” set.  Each bundle set is mutually exclusive.  Once you purchase one, you can no longer purchase any of the other Mega Bundles.

The following Heroes were in the Flex Mega Bundle:

Varian – World of Warcraft

Kerrigan – StarCraft

Sylvanas – World of Warcraft

Abathur – StarCraft

Greymane – World of Warcraft

Zul’jin – World of Warcraft

Li-Ming – Diablo III

Tychus – StarCraft

Johanna – Diablo III

The Lost Vikings


E.T.C. stands for Elite Tauren Chieftains – a band that you can find in World of Warcraft (and occasionally at Blizzcon).  There is also a Hearthstone card called Elite Tauren Chieftain.

Rexxar – World of Warcraft

Diablo – from either Diablo I or Diablo II

Diablo was the only Hero in this Mega Bundle that I already had.

Arthas – World of Warcraft

Lt. Morales – StarCraft

Rehgar – World of Warcraft

Brightwing – World of Warcraft

Li Li – World of Warcraft

Nazeebo – Diablo III

Azmodan – Diablo III

Purchase Complete!  Your purchase is complete!  Now get out there and conquer the Nexus!

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