Heroes of the Storm: Heroes 2.0

It’s been a while since I’ve played Heroes of the Storm.  In the meantime, the game has been updated, changes have been made, and it’s now being referred to by Blizzard as “Heroes 2.0”.  What influenced me to log back into Heroes of the Storm was a freebie that was too good to pass up.  (I’ll put details about that freebie in my next Heroes of the Storm blog.)

Heroes of the Storm had been updated in between when I last played and now.  I’d been meaning to get in the game and see what was new, but kept forgetting.  Fortunately, I saw something on Twitter that reminded me to log into the game while the freebie was still available.  Unexpectedly, there was plenty of free stuff waiting for me that had nothing to do with the limited-time freebie.

One thing I’ve learned about Blizzard is that they like to give away free stuff, for a limited time, to encourage players to return to Blizzard games that they used to play… but dropped when life got too busy.  It is well worth it to keep an eye open for free stuff every now and again.

The new log in screen made it obvious that the game had been updated.

The Progression System has changed.  The three boxes in the above screenshot say: Hero Level, Player Level, and Loot Chest.

Hero Level: Play games to earn XP and level up your Heroes.

This tells new players how they can earn XP in Heroes 2.0 and level up their characters.  The characters in this box are Lúcio (from Overwatch) and the “Javazon” from Diablo II.  The “Javazon” name refers to a build for an Amazon player character that involved using a Javelin.  In Heroes 2.0, the “Javazon” has been given the name Cassia.

I’ve never played Overwatch because it does not run on a Mac.  I’ve only played a little bit of Diablo II because it didn’t run on my Frankenstein build PC back when the game came out.  Years later, I found a way to play it on an old PC laptop (that I no longer have).

Player Level:  Leveling a Hero also increases your Player Level and earns you a Loot Chest.

To me, this sounds like what is referred to as “Share-a-gon” in Diablo III.  A player earns Paragon points with one of his characters.  It goes into a pool that raises the Paragon Level of all of that player’s characters.  There’s a bit more to it then that, but you get the main idea.

Loot Chest: Packed with Heroes, Skins, Mounts, and tons more.

The previous version of Heroes of the Storm did not include Loot Chests.  It is my understanding that the Heroes 2.0 Loot Chests randomly include cool stuff that a player would otherwise have to purchase.  I think there is a similar system in Overwatch.

Most of the things that appear in the “Unlocking Your Collection” screenshot above were brand new to me.  When I last played Heroes of the Storm, the only in-game currency was Gold.  The Gold is still part of the game, and Gems and Shards have been added.  The other new thing is that all of the stuff players gathered is now in their Collection.

Gems: Gems are purchased with real money.  Use them to unlock Heroes, and to purchase featured items in your Collection.

Gold: Gold is used primarily to unlock Heroes.  Acquire Gold by playing matches, gaining levels, and completing daily quests.

Shards: Shards are used to unlock cosmetic items in your Collection.  Acquire Shards by opening Loot Chests.

Progression Update: Your Player Level is now based on your Total Hero Level: 29

My Heroes 2.0 starting point is Total Hero Level 29.  It will be interesting to see this Level go up as I play whatever Hero I feel like in a given moment.  Previously, players had to level up each Hero individually.

I was awarded 5 Loot Chests.

I was awarded 2 Epic Chests.

Time to open them up!

Here is all the Loot that came out of the Chests:

Shadowblade LiLi Portrait (Common Portrait)

Tal’darim Protoss Banner (Common Banner)

Amber Horde Banner (Common Banner)

Stormwind Warden Tyrande (Rare Skin)

This is what the Stormwind Warden Tyrande Skin looks like.

Now You Die! (Common Voice Line)

Crimson Demon Hunter Banner (Common Banner)

Greymane Pack 1 (Common Emoji)

This Will Hurt (Common Voice Line)

Diablo III Leoric Portrait (Common Portrait)

Cower Before Your King (Common Voice Line)

Do Not Fear Death (Common Voice Line)

Teal Alliance Banner (Common Banner)

Neo Star Queen Li-Ming (Epic Skin)

This is what the Neo Star Queen Li-Ming Skin looks like.

Cute Zagara (Common Spray)

Valla (Rare Hero)

I already owned Valla (before Heroes 2.0).  The game figured out that this was a duplicate for me.  It gave me 20 Shards to use on something else.  It is not possible to have more than one of each Hero in Heroes of the Storm.

Tychus Pack 2 (Common Emoji)

Seething (Common Voice Line)

Emoji Sylvanas (Rare Spray)

Uther Pack 2 (Common Emoji)

Medivh Pack 2 (Common Emoji)

A New Challenger! (Common Voice Line)

20 Shards (Common Shards)

Turbo Tracer (Rare Skin)

This is what the Turbo Tracer Skin looks like.

High Elf Tyrande (Epic Skin)

This is what the High Elf Tyrande Skin looks like.

Eagle Eye Tyrande Portrait (Common Portrait)

Bronze Vengeance Valla (Rare Skin)

This is what the Bronze Vengeance Valla Skin looks like.

All Day (Common Voice Line)

No Potions! (Common Voice Line)

I unlocked the Veteran Hero Portrait.   I think this was given to all players who played Heroes of the Storm before the Heroes 2.0 upgrades.

I also unlocked the Grave Golem Pet.  It is a World of Warcraft Pet that cannot be used in Heroes of the Storm.  Players unlock the Grave Golem Pet by reaching Player Level 20 in Heroes of the Storm.  The Player Level has now become the Progression Level.  So, I unlocked the Grave Golem pet when I reached Progression Level 29 in Heroes 2.0.

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