Flight Rising: Theme Week – Food

Flight Rising has a section in the Forums called “Dragon Share”. No, it isn’t where to go to literally start “sharing” a dragon between two or more players. Instead, players go here to show off their dragons by posting images of them. The very first every Theme Week in Dragon Share was “food”. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

I learned about the very fist ever theme week in “Dragon Share” when I saw information about it in the scroll at the top of the game. The very first theme was: food. For the rest of this week, feel free to share your food themed dragons: fruit, vegetables, coffee (mmm,coffee), candy, what do you have? We want to see!

The forum post about the “food” week was put up on February 3, 2014. I highly recommend that you go over and check out all the amazing food themed dragons! I contributed to the theme week of “food” by making a post. I will also share my food related dragons here:

Tomato – named after a Tomato

Tomato adult

Pepper – named after a green pepper

Pepper adult

Marroo – named after a purple grape that is used to make wine

Marroo adult form

Cocoa – named for his lovely brown color

Cocoa all dressed up

CherryCola – The red wings and brown body reminded me of a cherry cola soda

Unnamed male snapper

Naranja – The word means “orange” in Spanish (both the color and the fruit)



2 comments to Flight Rising: Theme Week – Food

  • Shawn  says:

    Is Cocoa wearing a scarf?

  • Jen  says:

    Yes. Cocoa is wearing a “Brass Steampunk Scarf. He is also wearing “Leather Leg Wraps” and “Leather Arm Wraps”.

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