Farm Heroes Saga: Episode 13 – Kiwi County

Farm Heroes Saga is a “match-three” game that is made by King (who also makes the Candy Crush Saga game).  The goal is to match three or more “Cropsies” together and complete goals before you run out of turns.  I am playing Farm Heroes Saga on the King website.

Episode 13 is called Kiwi County.  In this episode, players have the opportunity to unlock three animals that are native to New Zealand.  My goal, as always, is to get 3 stars in every level.

The Kiwi County episode was fun.  I don’t remember being frustrated, or feeling “stuck”, on any of the levels.  There were a few levels that I did extremely well on.  The level that gave me the most difficulty was the Raccoon level.

The animals that players can unlock in the Kiwi County Episode are  the Kakapo, the Tuatara, and the Kiwi.    It is a good idea to unlock as many animals as you can.  The animals go into the Farm Club and can collectively give players Boosters.  If you failed to collect an animal – you miss out on the Booster that animal can unlock.

In addition, the animals can help a player through some Levels.  You can select from two or three animals (and try a different one if the one you picked doesn’t provide enough help).  If you didn’t unlock a certain animal – it cannot help you.  This will limit your options for help.

 I got 2 stars on Level 180 on the first try.  Players need to earn 1 star to unlock the Kakapo, and 2 stars to unlock the Tuatara.  The animals get sparkly when they are unlocked.

Eventually, I got 3 stars and unlocked the Kiwi.

The Kakapo, Tuatara, and Kiwi are sitting in three different rows.  I am going to need to unlock all three animals in Episode 14, and all three animals in Episode 15, before I can get some more Boosters.

I did really well in some of the Levels of Episode 13.

I got 364% in this level.

I got 248% in this level.

I got 199% in this level.

The Raccoon Level is the only one that requires players to earn 1 star and a set of keys in order to move on to the next level.  This makes Rancid the Raccoon drive away his garbage truck that blocks the players ability to go to the next episode.

I got 256% in this episode.

I got 313% in this episode.

I got 230% in this level.

I completed Kiwi Corner with 3 stars in every level except for the Raccoon Level.

I completed Episode 13 – Kiwi Corner on May 18, 2017.

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