Farm Heroes Saga: Episode 12 – Dino District

Farm Heroes Saga is a “match-three” game made by King (the company that makes Candy Crush Saga).  The goal is to match up three or more of the “Cropsies” before you run out of turns.  I have been playing Farm Heroes Saga on the King website.

Episode 12 is called Dino District.  As you might expect, this episode involved dinosaurs that the player can obtain and add to their Farm Club.  My goal was to get 3 stars in every level, but that didn’t end up happening.

For whatever reason, I didn’t take a lot of screenshots of Episode 12.  My best guess as to why is because I was busy with work, but I really don’t remember.

I somehow managed to take a couple of screenshots of Levels that I did really well in.  Players that complete the goals in a level, and have turns leftover, get to play Hero Mode.  The entire board becomes sparkly, and there are a lot of additional visual things going on.  It seems this caught my attention.

I don’t recall which Level this one was.  It was a bit of a challenge because the entire top of the board contains rotten “Cropsies” that are completely useless (and do not count towards the goals).  Those rotten “Cropsies” can fall onto the grass at the bottom of the Level and become good again.  This one was fun.

This level was a challenge that eventually became fun.  Again, I do not recall which Level it was.  The challenge here is that the good “Cropsies” fall down onto the pink squares that turn them into rotten “Cropsies”.  The seeds can be used to turn some pink squares into grass, but that cannot be done unless the player can swap the seed with a water “Cropsie”.

These are the animals that players can earn in Episode 12.  Earn 1 star – and you unlock the Triceratops.  It takes 2 stars to unlock the Brachiosaurus, and 3 stars to unlock the T-Rex.  I recommend that players try to collect all the animals.  They can help players with specific levels in Farm Heroes Saga.  If you failed to collect an animal – you cannot take advantage of the help it can give.

Players can get boosters if they collect an entire row of animals in the Farm Club.  Doing so requires players to unlock all three animals in three consecutive Episodes. The boosters do not refill after you use them up, so you have to make decisions on when to collect them.

I earned 3 stars in most of the Levels in Episode 12.  There were three levels where I earned 2 stars, and one level where I earned 1 star.

I completed Episode 12 – Dino District on  January 22, 2017

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