Farm Heroes Saga: Episode 11 – Sunshine Savannah

Farm Heroes Saga is a “match-three” game that is made by King.  The goal is to match up certain types of “Cropsies” before you run out of turns.  I’ve been playing Farm Heroes Saga on the King website.

Episode 11 – Sunshine Savannah – was fun.  As you might expect from the name, this Episode involves jungle animals that a player can collect and add to their Farm Club.  My goal is to get 3 stars in every level.  There were two levels where I settled for less than 3 stars.

So far, there has been something new added to every Episode that is designed to make the levels harder for the player to complete.  Episode 11 did not have any new difficulty added.  Instead, it used things that had already been introduced into the game in ways that made me really have to think about what moves to make.

water-and-slimeThis level had water buckets that went across the middle of the game board, and squares of pink slime that went in an alternating pattern across the edges.  Every single one of the slime squares had a strawberry on it.

What does the player need to collect for this level?  Not the apples and suns that are sitting on the grass.  No, the player has to collect 100 strawberry “Cropsies”.  All the strawberries on the board are completely unusable.

narrow-boardThis level was difficult because of how narrow it was.  Player have to match three (or more) “Cropsies”.  This board only allows players to do that vertically – not horizontally.  The other difficulty was that players had to match 150 apples, 150 strawberries, and 150 water drops.  It took me many tries before I managed to get 3 stars on this level.

rows-of-slimeThis level had rows of grass that alternated with rows of slime.  This meant that players had to make horizontal matches in the grass areas.  Every time a player made a match, the entire board above that match would shift down – and turn good “Cropsies” into “grumpy Cropsies” that do not count when matched up.

matching-monstersI was really happy when I finally managed to get 3 stars in this level!  It took many tries.  There are two difficult things about this level.  One, the player has to collect 50 water “Cropsies”.  The board does not start out with 50 of them, and the only way to get more is to make matches around the four water buckets that are in the center of the board.

The other difficult thing about this level is that players have to hatch 2 monsters.  You start out with eggs that are not cracked.  Match 3 uncracked eggs to get 1 cracked egg.  Match 3 cracked eggs to get 1 monster.  Players have to collect 2 monsters in order to complete the level.

raccoon-level-episode-11Level 152 was the Raccoon level of Episode 11.  There is a Raccoon level in every Episode.  Usually, all a player has to do is get 1 star in order to complete a level.  The Raccoon levels require players to get at least 2 stars.  The second star is a set of keys that the Raccoon uses to drive his garbage truck out of the way.  (The garbage truck blocks the player’s access to the next Episode).

farm-club-animals-episode-11Level 159 was the one where the player gets the opportunity to collect animals for their Farm Club.  Some levels give players a choice of up to 3 animals that can help them to complete a level.  If you didn’t collect one (or more) of the animals that connect to a specific level – your options for getting help will be limited.

This time, the animals were the Zebra, Elephant, and Lion.  Earn 1 star to unlock the Zebra, 2 stars to unlock the Elephant, and 3 stars to unlock the Lion.

i-got-all-3-episode-11-animalsI got all three animals in Episode 11!


The animals from Episode 11 are in the center row.  I will need to collect all three animals from the next Episode if I want to be able to obtain some more boosters.  A player must collect all three animals, from three consecutive episodes, to get the boosters.

finished-episode-11-sunshine-savannahI finished Episode 11 with 3 stars in almost every level.  I got 2 stars on the Raccoon level and 1 star on a hard level.

episode-11-sunshine-savannah-completedI completed Episode 11 – Sunshine Savannah on November 24, 2016.

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