Diablo III: Why am I doing Diablo Blogs for Blaugust?

This month, I have been participating in Blaugust. In short, it is one of those “write one blog every day for a month” type of challenges. It is my understanding that many, if not all, of the people who are participating are writing about video game related topics. (I suspect that other topics are also acceptable).

I’ve been working as a freelance writer since 2010, and there was a time when I was writing 5 blogs a day for work on topics that required me to do some research before I could write the blogs. There is no doubt in my mind that I am capable of writing more than one blog a day, and to keep that up for more than a month.

So, why did I get involved in Blaugust? Why did I decide that I was going to focus on Diablo related blogs for the whole month?

I’ve actually got several reasons why I wanted to give Blaugust a try. I’m not sure how to rank those ideas in order of importance, so I’m just going to list them out as I remember them. In short, this wasn’t something I chose to do on a whim. I’ve also got reasons why I decided to only include posts about the “Diablo universe” as my Blaugust posts.

To Combat Blog Neglect
I have severe allergies and some other health issues that result in me being tired all the time. There are many days when I’m struggling to have the energy to complete the writing work that I do for pay. After that’s done, I often have nothing left. I end up feeling like I have tons of ideas for stuff I want to write about…. whenever I get the energy to do it. This is frustrating.

As a result, I tend to put No Market Collective last in my blogging priorities. This blog doesn’t generate any money at all. I end up neglecting it in favor of the paid work. I wondered if Blaugust would get me into the habit of posting something here more frequently than I had been doing. In addition, I wanted to see how far I’d get through Blaugust before ragweed season steals all my energy.

This will be my Day 19 post for Blaugust. I’ve been keeping up with it so far. Whether or not I finish depends on my health. Ragweed season has begun.

To Complete a Previous Project
Over a year ago, I participated in a blogging challenge called “A to Z”. My plan was to write an entire alphabet of blogs that were in some way about the “Diablo III” universe. I learned that I had a lot more to say about Diablo related stuff than I anticipated, and the challenge was too overwhelming. I didn’t finish it in time.

Since then, I’ve made random attempts to chip away at the leftover letters. Blaugust gave me the opportunity to finally complete the “A to Z” challenge. It feels good to have that out of my way.

To Gain Confidence
The “A to Z” challenge was my first attempt to intentionally sit down and write blogs about the lore in the “Diablo universe”, and to share my other thoughts about the game(s) and the characters. Most of my video game posts are screenshots and my description about something I did in a video game (with my own commentary added).

Blaugust gives me the opportunity to once again gain some experience in writing detailed blogs about the game I love. I find myself thinking about scenarios in the story line, and the lore, and wondering about how things connect up. I’ve got plenty to say. Sometimes, I find myself hesitating to write lore blogs because I worry that I’ll get something completely wrong. Or, I’ll hold off on writing a “tin foil hat” type of blog because maybe my ideas are just too far fetched.

I’m using Blaugust to force myself to get over my worries so I can finally go ahead and write the blogs that have been stuck in my head. Every blog I finish makes me feel more confident as a “Diablo writer”. Maybe someday I’ll feel confident enough in my abilities to write about the “Diablo universe” to seek out a paid assignment. (I’ve got some plans to make my best Diablo blogs more easily accessible, but it does not involve a job offer or a paid “gig”.)

To Clear a Backlog
I’ve already mentioned having a ton of ideas and a lack of energy to write about all of them. The result is a backlog of Diablo related blogs that I’ve written in my head, but never actually put into a blog post. Blaugust is giving me the opportunity to clear a mental backlog.

It’s also giving me the chance to clear a backlog of screenshots that I’ve been meaning to include in blogs that are about my progress and achievements in Diablo III. You have no idea how many video game screenshots I’ve hoarded onto my external hard drive and the main drive of my Mac! Some of them need to go into a blog, and the rest need to get deleted. It’s time to make that happen.

To Get More Clicks
No Market Collective is not really a monitized blog. I’m intentionally keeping the ads unobtrusive because I cannot stand the blogs that block the entire screen with an ad seconds after I arrive at a website.

I’m not making any money off of the effort I put into No Market Collective (which explains why I tend to give it last priority of the blogs I need to write in a given day). Despite this, I check the stats every day. Blaugust is giving me an increase in the number of visitors to this website. I know this probably won’t last after Blaugust ends, but it’s making me happy for now. It’s nice to feel like someone is reading what I write.


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