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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Fifteen

I can’t stop blowing my nose.  I need my allergies to calm down for a little while so I can take a shower.

Ever tried taking a shower when your nose won’t stop running?  I wouldn’t recommend it.

This is going to be yet another day on Benadryl, and there isn’t anything I can do about it.

My goals today were simple.  I wanted to take a shower and go outside and play Pokémon GO.  I’m not sure I’m well enough for either of those things.

I’ve lost about half a month to my severe allergies – due to the pollen count – which I cannot control.

I want my 15 days back.

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Fourteen

When the pollen count is over 7, I am sick.

When it is over 8, I am in a ton of pain.

I ventured out into the 8.2 pollen count of a day so I could go to acupuncture.  It helps with pain and with getting my body to cope with allergies (for lack of a better description).

I take a good nap at acupuncture, come home somewhat better than I was before – and then crash into sleep again a few hours later.

Haven’t managed to get any work done today at all.

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Another Brief Reprieve!

The pollen count today is 6.1, which wouldn’t usually cause me any problems on its own.

The problem is that my body is so overloaded from the high amount of pollen that has been in the air for the past 13 days that I’m really sick today.

In the wee hours of the morning, I had an allergic reaction bad enough to require Benadryl.  Today, I have itching eyes.  I also have bad stomach cramps because my body is having a hell of a time processing food because of what allergies do to my body.

One bad allergy day requires about a week of low pollen BEFORE my body starts to recover.

Today is not bad, but here is the allergy forecast:

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Thirteen

Sleeping…sleeping… sleeping

Everything hurts

I wish there was a cure for allergies.

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Twelve

Today, the pollen count is 8.  This is not good for me.

I woke up with eye pain today, and have taken medication for it.  This ruins my whole day.  I’m never quite right after waking up with allergen induced eye pain.

My digestive tract, my kidneys, and probably my liver, are overloaded with pollen – and the histamine my body produces in response to allergen exposure.  Every part of me is sore and tired.

There is no way to know when pollen season will end.

Once again, I am reminded that yes, my allergies are severe enough to be considered a disability (despite what anyone else might say).  I am reminded why I can no longer have a “real job”.  If I had one of those – I’d be fired for being absent all the time.

My husband and I will be picking up food from The Denny’s today, because th...

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Eleven

The pollen count is 7.9 – which isn’t very different from yesterday’s 8.

I woke up with “allergy stomach.”  If you don’t know what that means, consider yourself blessed.

I am so sick that our cockatiels have noticed and are being super cute and gentle with me today.

My husband cut my hair for me last night.  Short hair is so much easier to wash than long hair is – especially when I am depleted from 11 days of too much pollen in the air.

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Ten

The pollen count is 8 today.

I am so allergic that I can no longer focus on any work stuff

Struggling and exhausted …and soon to be full of medicine

My husband is well again and out catching the new Pokemon.

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Nine

Once again, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, before the sun came up, and managed to get some work done. I am overloaded with pollen, and each day adds more. Pollen Season has a cumulative effect that lingers and doesn’t disappear at the end of the day.

Anything above 7 causes me harm. Today is 7.4, and I am miserable. It doesn’t help that I am sick in addition to being super allergic. My husband, however, seems to be improving.

We must venture out into the pollen to get more provisions today. Shopping makes me exhausted. I’ll probably need a nap after returning home (even though I slept until 3 in the afternoon.)

It did not rain today – so far as I can tell. This means there is tons of pollen in the air, harming me with every breath I take.

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Eight

I have decided to stick with the tactic of becoming nocturnal. In the wee hours of this morning, I managed to get a lot of work done. Then, the sun came up and the pollen made my eyes itch.

Then, I slept all day. (Ok, until mid-afternoon. Perhaps that isn’t all day.)

Today the pollen count is 6.6. It’s not a good number for me, but could be much worse. Anything that close to 7 makes me ill.

The good news, and the bad news, is that the rains continue. Rain washes the pollen out of the air – and that is extremely good news. Rain also makes my arthritic joints hurt – and that is the bad news. Today, it has been raining on and off, so I am in this unique form of misery that likely does not affect anyone else in quite the same way.

In addition, I’ve got some symptoms that indicate that I am...

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Seven

I have resorted to employing a tactic that worked reasonably well in previous pollen seasons. I’ve become nocturnal. The hope is that if I can sleep through the worst parts of day that has more pollen than I can handle – I’ll be ok.

The other half of the equation involves frantically trying to get work done in the wee hours of the morning, before I fall asleep.

This time, the tactic was only partially successful. I woke up with eye pain – the worst symptom of pollen season. In short, I had an allergic reaction to the pollen in the air while I was still asleep – and this resulted in enough eye pain to wake me up. I am a very sound sleeper, so you can imagine the intensity of this pain.

There is a remedy for that, which I take as soon as possible...

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