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There was a time when we had extremely noisy neighbors living behind us. The family consisted of a grandmother, two parents, a baby, and I’m not quite sure how many teenage boys. They were loud. The grandmother would frequently berate the boys in Spanish, complaining about how they never listened to her, and that they didn’t pick things up when she asked them to. The boys would disrespectfully mumble in Spanish behind her back, and continue playing basketball.

They lacked a basketball net, but the boys didn’t care. Every day, we would hear them yelling, and the ball slamming against the cement outside their garage. They threw the ball at the spot on their mobile home where a basketball net would have hung (if they had one)...

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Angry Hummingbird

When we moved into the mobile home, we had a ton of overgrown bushes in the tiny backyard. Most of them were rose bushes that had grown up to be unbearable. Since I am allergic to pollen, and bees, it seemed like a good idea to get rid of all the rose bushes. They went to someone who came over, dug them up, and drove them to their new home.

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