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Civil Disobedience – by Henry David Thoreau

Civil Disobedience is an essay that is usually published inside a book that contains other writing by Henry David Thoreau.  The reason is because Civil Disobedience is extremely short.  There’s enough room to put it at the end of Walden.  My copy of Walden was a Barnes & Noble version that included not only Civil disobedience,  but also a timeline of Thoreau’s life, an introduction, and a detailed section that described the meaning behind some of Thoreau’s references that were commonly understood at the time, but mysterious and confusing today.

Civil Disobedience was written in response to real life events that Henry David Thoreau experienced.  In 1846, he traveled through Massachusetts.  His purpose was to go to Concord, to run an errand.  (He needed to got to the cobblers to pick up his shoe that the cobbler repaired).  A man named Sam Staples was the tax collector and warden of the county jail.

Thoreau had been refu...

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Spring Pollen Season is Over

The pollen count has been nice and low for the past week. The highest it got was 7.2, and the lowest was a glorious 2.3. I believe this means that I have survived this year’s Spring Pollen Season.

Typically, it takes me about two weeks straight with each day’s pollen count being 6.0 or below.  That hasn’t quite happened yet, so I’m not fully recovered from the pollen that has was inflicted upon me for seventy-eight days.

There is always a chance that this week was a fluke, and that next week the pollen will go right back to being high, and dangerous, and awful again.  The pollen count during one week doesn’t seem to have any affect on what the pollen count will be the next week.  The pollen count on one day could be drastically different from the pollen count the next day.

My way of cop...

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Walden – by Henry David Thoreau

Walden is a book that some people are first introduced to when they are forced to read it in school.  I didn’t around to reading it until long after I’d finished school. The book came to me as a prize in a contest that was held during a meeting at work.  It took me years before I got around to actually reading the book.

To me, Walden was a difficult read.  I say this as a person who has dyslexia, and who also has a B.S. degree in Education. Take from that whatever you will.  I recommend that people pick up the Barnes & Noble version of Walden because it has a lot of “extras” in it that helped me to understand the background history of Thoreau and some of the references he mentioned.

The most difficult part of ...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy-Eight

Today, the pollen count was 7.7. It is just a little bit higher than yesterday’s pollen count. Somehow, I have unintentionally managed to force myself to be productive and get paid writing work done even while I’m sick and experiencing “brain fog”.

Earlier today, the United States House of Representatives voted to repeal “Obamacare”, and replace it with “Trumpcare”. This is going to kill people like me who have pre-existing conditions because it allows health insurance companies to refuse to cover us, or to cover us with plans that include premiums that are too expensive for people to afford.

There was a time before “Obamacare” when people...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy-Seven

Today, the pollen count was 7.6. It is going up, again. I’m tired of writing about it, and flat out exhausted from all the extra allergens that have been in the air for far too long.

This may be the pollen season that never ends. I’m in California, so there is no chance of winter snow coming to freeze the air and kill all the plants. The air here is fairly dry, which means there’s hardly any mold to worry about. So, that’s one allergen I don’t have to fight with.

I woke up sick today, again, and feeling anemic. I am tired, tired, tired.

We are supposed to get some cooler weather over the weekend. I’m hoping that will be enough to end this horrifically long pollen season.

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The Girl Next Door – by Jack Ketchum

I did not enjoy this book. The monsters in it were too real.

I prefer stories where the monsters are imaginary creatures: Ogres, Dementors, Ring Wraths, Demons, and other non-existent beings that you wouldn’t have to worry about bumping into on the bus or working beside at your place of employment. There is some comfort in knowing that the things that happened in a scary book could not possibly happen in real life.

In The Girl Next Door, Jack Ketchum gives us a story about a sociopath that starts out appearing to be as safe and stable as anyone else. Ruth might even be described as “the cool mom”. She drives her sons and their friend to the carnival and frequently offers the boys beers. Readers watch her become less human as she gives in to her worst tendencies.

The c...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy-Six

Today, the pollen count was 7.4. I am more than ready for Spring Pollen Season 2017 to be over. As predicted, I was sick today because of the allergens I got exposed to yesterday. It is not possible to stay indoors for the seventy-some days that this pollen season has lasted.

I wasn’t, however, as symptomatic as I could potentially have been. I was well enough to get some paid writing work done.

Then, the internet provider conked out. It didn’t come back. I gave up hope around 2:00 in the morning. I failed to get a screenshot of the pollen count before the internet outage happened.

I’m frustrated. The lengthy pollen season is making everything I do more difficult. I did not need the added barrier of having the internet go down – for hours and hours – add to my struggle...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy-Five

Today, the pollen count is 7.3. This is not good for me. I went outside anyway because I needed to go shopping for clothes. There is no way to know for certain how high the pollen count will be tomorrow (or in the next few days). So, I took a chance on the 7.3 day.

I hate shopping for clothes. It takes so much energy to try things on before buying them, and it is difficult for me to find things that fit no matter where I shop.

I prefer thrift stores to chain retail stores because you can get a lot from a thrift store for very little money. I also love that the clothing has already been worn in a little, and no longer has the … fabric stiffener?…. that most clothing in chain retail stores has.

Guess what? Yep, I’m allergic to that, too. It gives me hives.

Overall, the day was go...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy-Four

I was still awake in the wee hours of the morning, so I checked the pollen count for today.  I was pretty tired, but I swear it told me that the pollen count would be 6.0 today.  The five day forecast indicated that the pollen would be lower than 7.0 for five days straight.  I went to sleep feeling optimistic.

Hours later, after I woke up, I checked the pollen count again.  It clearly said that today was 7.2.  The five day forecast no longer indicated days of nice, safe, pollen counts.

I must have dreamed that the pollen count was getting better.

This little story probably gives you everything you need to know about what it is like to have an allergy to several different kinds of pollen and to be sick from those allergens for seventy-four days...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy-Three

The pollen count was 7.3 today.  I’m not itching, but I am blowing my nose a lot more than typical.  When will this pollen season end?  Nobody knows.

There are a lot of people who are healthy, and who one day get a bad cold or the flu.  I have no doubt this makes them absolutely miserable.  A few days later, they are back to normal and have made a full recovery (energy level and all).

I’ve been sick from allergies for seventy-three days.  There have been … maybe five days… where the pollen count was lower than six (and safe for me).  This is horrific.  I’m tired of struggling all the time just to do basic things like go to the grocery store.

..And I just sneezed twice in a row immediately after typing the previous sentence.

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