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Cockatiels Can Share!

Sometimes, the cockatiels in our flock actually do share with each other. The photo here shows Max and Morris sharing a swing (and being adorable).

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Imitation Peep

Here’s Max, doing an unintentional imitation of a Marshmallow Peep.

She loves to sit on soft, comfortable, blankets. Given the opportunity, she will find one, sit on it, and then take a nap. Towels and sheets are acceptable alternatives. When I was in college, she used to sit on my shoulders or back when I was reading or studying, flip my hair over herself, and then take a nap. This is a bird that loves napping and comfort!

This ...

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Birdies in the Tree

We went to Starbucks today. The one we went to is located in a shopping center that has some bird feeders in part of the parking lot. These little black birds, some finches, and some crows, were happily eating at the bird feeders, until a person walked right through that area.

Of course, they flew into the air to “escape”. A bunch of the little black birds decided to roost in the tree that was right next to where I parked my car. They sat there and made these “we are annoyed” noises. Some of the sounds this particular type of bird makes seem to be electronic. Collectively, they sounded like a dial-up modem!

After we got out of the Starbucks, the birds started to disperse. Many were still in the tree, but some had gone back to the bird feeder.

The same shopping center has a fast food place,...

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Morris Isn’t What You Would Call “Normal”

Morris the cockatiel is a bit strange. There are times when he is squawking away, alerting us to some perceived danger, while the rest of the birds in our little flock stare at him quizzically. Morris doesn’t behave as one would expect a cockatiel to.

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The Marvin Dance

Marvin does this nervous little “dance” fairly often. When we first adopted him, he did it all the time, as he got used to his new surroundings. Now, he does what I call “The Marvin Dance” when he is trying to figure something out that he isn’t so sure about.

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Lost in Translation

Most of the pigs at the California Mid-State Fair were sleeping soundly. A few of them, though, felt the need to attempt to communicate with the passing humans that came to gawk at them. I’m not entirely certain what these pigs were trying to tell us. My best guess is that it was instructions on how to open the doors of their cages, so they could run freely through the fairgrounds. Whatever their message was, it was lost in translation.

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Baby Chickens!

Shawn and I and his mom went to the California Mid-State Fair. This time, there was a chicken coop set up inside one of the exhibition halls. I figure it was to keep all the little baby chickens from getting over heated in the hot summer sun.

What could be cuter than baby chickens?

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