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Pepper Plants in Our Backyard

Shawn and I decided to see what would happen if we tried to grow some pepper plants in our teeny-tiny backyard. We eat a lot of peppers in our meals, and thought it would be cool if we could grow some instead of buying them every week.

To get started, Shawn enlisted the aid of his sister (who knows how to grow plants and has basically started her own farm). Shawn picked out a small orange pepper plant and a small green pepper plant. They were put into a planter and regularly watered.

I am impressed by how well these two little plants are doing. In this blog, I have photos of our pepper plants.

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Photos of the Fremont

The Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo, California, has been around for more than 70 years.  According to Cinema Treasures, the Fremont Theater was designed by Simeon Charles Lee (also known as S. Charles Lee).  It was built in 1940.

The Los Angeles Times posted an obituary for S. Charles Lee when he died in 1990.  In it, he is described as “the most prolific and prominent architect of movie theaters of the Art Deco period”.  He designed more than 4,000 theaters around the world.

I posted some artsy photos I took of the Fremont Theater on my Instagram and decided to share them here.

The photos ...

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“Year 42” Photo Book is Now Available!

“Year 42” is the photo book that includes 42 of the best photos from my Instagram project. It is a hardcover book. You can get it at

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Instagram Photo Project: End of the Line

I started my Instagram Photo Project on my 42nd birthday. Realizing that 42 was “the answer to life, the universe, and everything“, I looked for answers. I posted a comment that revealed the question that went with it.

Along the way, I learned how to take photos on my iPhone 6 and how to post them on Instagram. In addition, I learned what kind of photos I enjoy taking.

The Instagram Photo Project reached the end of the line (on the day that I turned 43). In this blog, I have the photos I posted on Instagram during May 2016 (the last month of the project). A total of 42 photos from the whole project have been put into a photo book that will be revealed soon!

When I star...

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Instagram Photo Project: Nearly at the End

I began my Instagram Photo Project on my 42nd birthday. Realizing that 42 was “the answer to life, the universe, and everything”, I looked for answers and then posted the corresponding questions.

As the year has gone on, I have started moving away from the answer/question format I started with. It feels like a natural progression. My Instagram photo project is almost at its end. The best 42 photos will be turned into a photo book.

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Watch the New Mobile Home Appear

In general, “moving house” means that a person is moving out of their current place of residence and is about to start living in a different location.

In a mobile home park, “moving house” literally means that an old mobile home is being taken away so that a new one can be put in its place. In this blog, I have photos (most of which were taken by Shawn) of a new double-wide mobile home being put in next door to us.

The photos in this blog...

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Instagram Photo Project: Food and Politics

Looking back, it seems that there were two main themes to the photos I posted on Instagram in March.  One of them was food.  I have a ton of food allergies, so when I find something that is safe for me to eat (and that tastes good) I celebrate it.

The other theme was politics.  I’ve been paying close attention to the presidential primary / caucus “season” this year.  The inane words of a particularly orange candidate inspired me to create little drawings that could be described as political cartoons.

The photos you se...

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Watch the Mobile Home Disappear

Shawn and I live in a mobile home park. Life here is a bit different than what one would experience in an actual house or in an apartment.

When people decide that their current home is insufficient, they attempt to sell it. They “move house”. In a mobile home park, when a home has become unsuitable – the house moves.

Realizing that this is a rather unique situation, I decided to take photos of the mobile home next door as it was being prepared for removal. I’ve also got a few photos of what the lot looked like after the mobile home was taken away.

These photos were taken...

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Instagram Photo Project: Happy Moments

I took a whole lot of Instagram photos in February of 2016. Some of them were part of my photo project. I turned 42 years old, realized that 42 was “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” and set out to find the questions.

In addition, I started taking photos that were unrelated to the initial project. (Those photos will appear in a separate blog.)

Without rea...

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Instagram Photo Project: Start of a New Year

Life got super busy in January, so I didn’t end up taking too many photos. These photos are part of my Instagram photo project which began when I turned 42. The number 42 is “the answer to life, the universe, and everything”. The photos are the answers. I leave a comment that explains what the question was.

The photos you see in this blog are from December 30, 2015, January 7, January 12, January 16, and January 28, 2016.

One of the things...

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