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“Flickr” by Jonathan Coulton

I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Coulton for a long time.  He has produced a ton of music, so I probably haven’t heard all of his songs (but I am familiar with lots of them).  In February of 2012, my friend Nathan Lott brought the song “Flickr” to the Halfway Around the World podcast that we co-hosted together.  It was part of Season Three, Episode Six “Good/Evil”. The song stuck with me.

I might not have heard “Flickr” at ...

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And So It Goes

I wrote And So It Goes in 2008. I’d never written a song before. At the time, I was working in Retail Hell at what I’ve often referred to as “The Evil Bookstore”. We were in the midst of the Christmas shopping season craziness, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

And So It Goes was my way of expressing what it felt like to be stuck in that situation. The frustrations, the stress, the struggle to smile at customers who are screaming and yelling at you…. ended up in the song.

It was only after I’d posted it that someone (I forget who) said the song sounded as though it was done in the style of Lou Reed. Up until then, I hadn’t realized that his music influenced me as much as it did.

When I read the news today that Lou Reed passed away, at the age of 71, I was sad...

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