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Kitchen Scramble App: Pittsburger (Part 2)

Kitchen Scramble is a time-management app game where you make food and serve it to customers.  It was originally created by Playdom, and has since been purchased by RockYou (who made it into an app).

Pittsburger is the first town in Kitchen Scramble.  It starts with a tutorial that teaches you how to play the game.  By the time you get to the second half of Pittsburger, the tutorial is mostly finished.

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Kitchen Scramble App: Pittsburger (Part 1)

Kitchen Scramble is a game that was originally created by Playdom.  Long story short, Playdom decided on April 20, 2014, to make Kitchen Scramble unavailable on their website.  I hadn’t gotten too far through the game, so this was disappointing.

Sometime after that, RockYou bought Kitchen Scramble.  You can download the Kitchen Scramble app for free.  The RockYou version greatly limits the amount of assistance that players can give to one another (in comparison to how easy that was when the game was on the Playdom website.)

I decided to give Kitchen Scramble another try, with the same goal as before: to get 3 stars in every level.

The R...

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Kitchen Scramble: Dessert Oasis

Dessert Oasis is the seventh town in the (soon to disappear) Kitchen Scramble game.  Originally, my goal was to get all three stars in every level in every town.  I also wanted to complete all the location goals.  Those plans cannot be completed because Playdom has decided to end Kitchen Scramble on April 20, 2014.  I still have a few days to play, but have decided I am done. The game used to be fun but has become an exercise in frustration.

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Kitchen Scramble: Shutting Down

Tonight, when I went to play Kitchen Scramble, I was presented with a new pop-up. As of April 20, 2014, Kitchen Scramble will no longer be available for play on The game is officially shutting down. That’s disappointing! It was a fun little game to play for a few minutes in between working on writing.

Kitchen Scramble Shutting Down


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Kitchen Scramble: Chowderville

Chowderville is the sixth town in the Kitchen Scramble game.  When your food truck gets here, it starts serving seafood.  The menu now consists of clam chowder, lobster bisque, fried clams, fried shrimp, and some crab dishes.  Overall, the foods are fun to make and fairly simple.

I expected to enjoy Chowderville, but it turned out to be an exercise in frustration.  The reason that I hated this town, so much, is entirely due to the introduction of an ill-tempered, incredibly impatient, character called “The Chowder Monster”.  I’ve seen many players complain about him!  Chowderville isn’t fun.

Kitchen Scramble doesn’...

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Kitchen Scramble: Molassessippi

Molassessippi is the fifth town in the Kitchen Scramble game.  It includes food that isn’t found in any of the previous towns.  Your food truck now serves things like chili, fried chicken, barbecue chicken, barbecue shrimp, grits, baked sweet potato, sweet potato fries, and more.


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Kitchen Scramble: Chef Academy

The fourth town in the Kitchen Scramble game is called Chef Academy.  It includes foods from some of the previous towns, and also adds a couple of new ones.

This is the first town that does not include a “food” in it’s name.  I think that is because your character is hoping to get a job as a teacher in Chef Academy.  There isn’t a whole lot of story line in Kitchen Scramble, so this brief explanation will do.

I found Chef Academy to...

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Kitchen Scramble: Mozzaroma

The third town in the Kitchen Scramble game is called Mozzaroma.  When your food truck gets here, you start serving things like caprese salad, various kinds of pasta dishes, calzones, pizzas, and things like that.

I’m blogging my progress through the Kitchen Scramble game.  Someone on the forums suggested trying to get all 3 stars for every level.  I’m also trying to complete all 3 location goals for each town, just to make things more challenging.

Mozzaroma i...

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Kitchen Scramble: Waffleton

Waffleton is the second town in the Kitchen Scramble game.  It is my favorite one (so far).  In Waffleton, your food truck serves breakfast foods.  The levels aren’t very difficult, which makes Waffleton a fun town to work through.

I’ve ...

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Kitchen Scramble: Pittsburger

Kitchen Scramble is a “time management” game by Playdom.   You run a food truck, and serve virtual food to the customers.  You start in a town called Pittsburger, and work through the levels in it.  There are several other towns to work through after that.

Somebody made a post in the Kitchen Scramble forum that said they were working on getting all three stars in every level.  I thought that sounded like a fun challenge.   To make things even more interesting, I decided to work towards getting all the location goals as well.

I completed...

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