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Gardens of Time: Chapter One

Gardens of Time was originally created by Playdom.  RockYou purchased it and made it into an app.  I’ve been playing it on my iPad.  The app is a bit crashy, but the content of the game is mostly the same as it was before.

Chapter One of Gardens of Time starts with a tutorial that walks players through part of Chapter One.  The tutorial is mostly over by the time players hit Level 2.  Here is what the rest of Chapter One was like.


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Gardens of Time: Tutorial

Gardens of Time was originally created by Playdom.  They sold it to RockYou shortly after Playdom removed Gardens of Time from the Playdom website.  I did not immediately seek out the app because I had no device to play it on.

Since then, my husband gave me his old iPad Mini.  The best part of the RockYou version of Gardens of Time is that it is almost exactly the same game that Playdom originally released.  The beautiful artwork, and interesting storyline, are the same.

The bad part is that the app is extremely crashy.  Every time it crashes, I lose a little bit of progress because the game did not let me complete the task I was trying to do before it crashed.  I managed to work my way through what I think of the Tutorial of Gardens of Time, so here are some screenshots.

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Gardens of Time – The App Version

Gardens of Time is a game that combines a well written story line with a hidden picture game.  The artwork is very detailed and beautiful. Players can unlock more of the story, and more hidden picture scenes, just by playing the game.  My favorite part is the garden, where players can put different objects, buildings, and decorations – and move them around as they like.

I recently started playing Gardens of Time again after a long hiatus. Originally, I was playing the game on my desktop computer (which is a Mac).  Today, I am playing it on my iPad Mini.


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Gardens of Time: The Parisian Painter

Gardens of Time is no longer available at the Playdom website. It is my understanding that it has been removed from Facebook, too. There is a Gardens of Time app, but I haven’t used it (yet). The game may be gone, but I still have screenshots of it that I wanted to share. One of my absolute favorite things in the game was the series of scenes, quests, and items that were connected to the Parisian Painter Series.

The b...

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Gardens of Time: Walkers

Gardens of Time is going to disappear from, forever, on April 25, 2014. Before it goes, I wanted to take a video of the little people that explore everyone’s gardens. They are affectionately referred to as “walkers” by many players of the game because their entire purpose is to walk through your garden and enjoy it.

There are a wide variety of potential “walkers”. Which ones you get depends mostly on what items you have placed in your garden. For example, the mummy appears when you add the sarcophagus. Portions of this video are obscured by the random pop-ups that appear if you haven’t clicked anything in a certain amount of time.

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Gardens of Time is Shutting Down!

Playdom is going to shut down Gardens of Time – forever.  The game will disappear on April 25, 2014.  I read somewhere that Playdom is intending to shut down all of their games this month.  I have absolutely no background information that would explain why they are making this decision.  To be honest, I haven’t spent very much time lately playing Gardens of Time. It was a fun game and I really liked the artwork. Things just started require more time investment than I wanted to give it.   Here is what you see if you try to play Gardens of Time today:

Gardens of Time Shutting down

Dear Frien...

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Gardens of Time: The Tale Telling Art

Gardens of Time created a really fun Halloween chapter in October of 2013.  It was called “The Tale Telling Art”.  This chapter is no longer accessible.  Like the other holiday related chapters, it is only around for a limited time.  (This one expired on November 13, 2013).  All three scenes in the Halloween chapter were based on the work of Edgar Allen Poe.  Players needed to unlock these crystal chapters in order to get started.

The story l...

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Gardens of Time: Spooky Handbook

Gardens of Time did a couple of fun things that fit in with Halloween.  One of them was the Spooky Handbook.  It was directly connected to the Time Lab, and it had a “countdown” attached to it.  This meant that players had a limited amount of time in which to complete the Spooky Handbook.  I didn’t complete all of it, but I managed to get pretty close.

Unlock the Spooky Handbook

As you can see, i...

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Gardens of Time: Memorial Salute

The Memorial Salute appeared in Gardens of Time in May of 2013. It was one of the “10 Days of Gifting” items. Every day, you had to collect up a certain number of a specific type of plane. To do it, you needed to ask your friends to send the “plane of the day” to you (as a gift). If you did not get enough of the “plane of the day” you were out of luck and had to spend gold in order to complete the Memorial Salute.

Players learned about the new Memor...

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Gardens of Time: Hay Ride

Gardens of Time has done many of the “10 Days of Gifting” projects. You receive an unfinished building (of some sort) and have to place it in your garden. I just finished building the Hay Ride.

Hay Ride Gifting active

As always, ...

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