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Diablo III: X is for Xazax

A while ago, I participated in an “A to Z” blog challenge. Write one thing for each letter and post it on the correct day. That challenge was my first attempt to write a lot of blogs about the “Diablo universe”. I failed to finish the challenge. I’ve decided that #Blaugust is my second chance to write the leftover “A to Z” blogs that I never got around to completing.

X is for Xazax. He is an obscure character in the “Diablo universe”, so you may not have heard about him. This character doesn’t appear in any of the Diablo video games.

The simplest way to describe Xazax is to say that he is a d...

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Diablo III: Morgan’s Journals

There are two main ways in which to play Diablo III. You can do Adventure Mode, and spend your time completing bounties and running through Rifts. Or, you can do Story Mode, go through the game Act by Act, and experience the story chronologically.

I suspect that Adventure Mode is the more popular of the two options. It’s faster. It gives players a more efficient way to level a character. It could very well be the best way to find the “loot” you have been seeking.

Story Mode gives the player the overall story that involves the main characters, as well as some history. In addition, there’s a bunch of smaller stories in it just waiting to be found. One of those stories is about an NPC (non player character) named Morgan that the player never actually gets to meet. All we have to go on are some pages from his journal.

Who is Morgan?  He is a...

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Diablo III: W is for Wives in Sanctuary

About a year ago, I attempted to participate in a blogging challenge called “A to Z”.  The rules were simple.  Write one blog for each letter of the alphabet.  Post that blog on a specific day.  You could write about whatever you wanted to, so long as it fit the letter of the day.

I thought it would be fun to write my “A to Z” blogs about Diablo III related stuff.  I quickly learned that I had a lot more to say than I anticipated, and found the blogging challenge to be overwhelming.  I failed to finish it.  So, why not incorporate the untouched, but planned out, topics into #Blaugust?

W is for Wives in Sanctuary.  I noticed that NPCs (non-player characters) who are wives are just as strong and vital as their husbands – until death.  For some reason, wives who have become ghosts need the player to help them.  Husbands who have died, on the other hand, are strong and attack the player.

Pick a character class in Dia...

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Diablo III: I’m Not Done With Season 3

Season 3 in Diablo III is coming to an end in just a few weeks.  Players always get at least a little warning before a Season ends, and this time is no different.  Nevalistis posted a blog in the Diablo III section of Battle.net yesterday that states Season 3 will end on August 23, 2015.

I’m not quite done with Season 3 yet. At the same time, it feels like this Season has gone on long enough and is at a good place for it to end. There’s still some things I’m working on.

When Season 1 end...

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Diablo III: Leah’s Family Tree

Last year, in April, I participated in an “A to Z” 30 day blogging challenge. One of the posts I wrote while working on that challenge was titled Diablo III: L is for Leah. In it, I briefly went over some Leah’s backstory. I left a lot out in order to avoid massive “spoilers”.

Today, I decided to go ahead and put together Leah’s family tree. It’s something that’s been in my head for a while. It turned out that her family tree includes characters that one might not expect.

To be honest, Leah is among my favorite Diablo ...

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Diablo III: My Demon Hunters

Blizzard has officially announced that the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion is called Legion. As a person who plays a lot more Diablo III than I do World of Warcraft, there was one thing that caught my attention about the WoW expansion. There will be a Demon Hunter class in World of Warcraft.

Based on this news, I decided that my #Blaugust Day 6 post would be about my Diablo III Demon Hunters. One of them was started the day Diablo III was released, and the other one was created for Season 2.

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Diablo III: Lady Victoria and the House of Deep Sorrow

Anyone who has played through Act V of Diablo III will find that many of the buildings include smaller side quests. If you are playing through Story Mode, you can choose to ignore them and stick with the main quests, or to see how many you can find. Some of these side quests turn up as Bounties in Adventure Mode.

Overall, the stories presented in these little, randomly appearing, optional objectives paint a picture of how bleak and dangerous Westmarch has become. Each shows what happened to random people who were unfortunate enough to be living in Westmarch when Malthael and his minions came and started ripping out people’s souls.

One of the stories that grabbed my attention is in an objective called “House of Deep Sorrow”. It is short, and fairly simple to complete. The implications of what this short story reveals are very disturbing, (even in context of Diablo III).

The House of Deep...

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Diablo III: When Everyone’s Focused on WoW

This is my Day 4 post for #Blaugust.  I probably should have been adding that to my previous three posts, but simply didn’t think to do it.  I have two goals for this blogging project.  

One, of course, is to write one blog every day until the month is over.  The other is to write blogs that are related in some way to my favorite video game – Diablo III. I decided on that topic to challenge myself, since I am a person who regularly writes three or four blogs a day (on various websites).

I’m writing this as most of the lovely people I follow on Twitter are getting super excited about the upcoming announcement from Blizzard about … well, we don’t know exactly what that will turn out to be.  Speculation abounds, as it typically does when people get the idea that WoW is due for another expansion.  We’ve seen all of this before. I’m kind of bummed that there doesn’t seem to be much new coming to Diablo III, though.

Unexpectedly, I found myself starting to get ex...

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Diablo III: Is Squirt the Peddler a God?

There are many vendors in Diablo III, but only one of them is a child – Squirt. (Well, before the expansion, anyway).  Where is this kid getting the goods she is selling from?

The Barbarian vendor in the Keep gets his goods from caravans that occasionally make it through the battlefields.  Some of the other vendors travel into the sewers or aqueducts to pick up “trash”.  Players can easily find this out because those NPCs clearly state it.  Squirt, on the other hand, never specifically mentions where she gets her goods from.

Where are Squirt’s parents?  She is the only child in the game who appears to be completely alone.  She’s also the only vendor who has an amulet with her name on it – that just so happens to also mention the name of a god. In this blog, I will speculate about what Squirt’s backstory could be, based on the scant information that players are given about her in-game.

There are two kids who chase a rabbit in ...

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Diablo III: The Lore of Adria

Adria is a character that has been in the “Diablo universe” for as long as Deckard Cain. Parts of her story have been scattered through Diablo III, in the form of journals that players can pick up as they go through Story Mode (or by doing Bounties).   Those journals leave a lot out, though. More of her story can be found in the Book of Tyrael.

In this blog, I will put all the pieces together, in chronological order, as best I can. The thing to keep in mind about Adria is she has spent her life seeking power. Her desire for power is the motivating factor behind everything she does.

The Book of...

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