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Diablo III: Lore of Duriel

Duriel is one of the Lesser Evils.  He has what has been referred to as a “twin”.  The lore that is about Andariel indicates that they are not related to each other. They aren’t really siblings. The reason those two Lesser Evils are considered to be “twins” is because the actions of one of them compliments and assists what the other does (in a sick, twisted, way).

Duriel is the Lord of Pain. In the Book of Cain, Duriel is described as “brother to Andariel”. However, Andariel is described as Duriel’s “so called twin”. Their relationship gets a bit more confusing if you consider the information found about Duriel in Diablo III.

There is a journal that players can find in Diablo III that...

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Diablo III: Heroes of the Storm Crossover Items

Right now, players of Diablo III can get some goodies that are related to the Heroes of the Storm game. These items are intended to encourage people to give both Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm a try. If you are already playing both games, then these “freebies” are going to be extremely easy for you to obtain.

Most of the crossover items are cosmetic in nature – which means they won’t provide any special benefit that makes your character stronger (or gives your character any other advantage). There is one exception, and that offer is on a time limit.  To be eligible for these freebies, you need to have Diablo III on a PC or Mac.  The offer does not extend to those who are playing Diablo III on consoles.

Right now, any player w...

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Diablo III: What Can You Do In Between Seasons?

It’s pretty easy to figure out what to do while Diablo III has a Season going on. You either choose to roll a Seasonal character and play the Season…. or you choose to opt-out and continue with whatever it was you were doing in Diablo III. It’s the in between time that can seem a little confusing, especially for people who are brand new to Diablo III.

What can you do while you are waiting for the next Season to begin? There are plenty of options.

I’m going to keep...

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Diablo III: Lore of Andariel

Andariel is one of the Lesser Evils.  She has what has been referred to as a “twin”, but isn’t technically a blood relation.  She and Duriel work together in different spheres of the Burning Hells.  What one does complements and assists the other’s goals (in a weird, twisted, way).

Andariel is the Maiden of Anguish.  She enjoys inflicting emotional pain upon people.  If Andariel were to exist in the “real world”, she would undoubtedly be using Facebook to “catfish” people and Twitter to send people threats of rape, death, and harm to their families.

Why does Andariel choose to mess with people’s ...

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Diablo III: End of Season 3 Stash Sorting

Season 3 in Diablo III is officially over and done with. My Seasonal Crusader has joined the rest of her softcore comrades. It was now time to open the mail and sort through all the stuff my Crusader brought back home with her.

I am a “digital hoarder”. I have a really bad tendency to keep stuff that I probably don’t actually need. I’ve gotten really good at getting rid of things in real life, in part because they collect dust (and I have severe allergies). The “loot” from Diablo III doesn’t collect any (real) dust, and so I tend to feel a need to hang onto it.

The hardest thing for me, when a Season ends, is that I have to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. I’ve decided to make a blog about my decision making process so I can use it as a guide when upcoming Seasons end. Others might find it useful as well.

For some reason, I always find it somewhat jarr...

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Diablo III: Season 3 Wrap Up

At the time I am writing this blog, Season 3 in Diablo III isn’t quite over yet. It ends on August 23, 2015. I spent a few hours today trying to make progress with my Seasonal Crusader. It seems I’ve hit a wall, and cannot accomplish what it takes to earn the last few Seasonal Achievement points that I need in order to earn the special portrait.

Instead of grinding through the remaining hours left in Season 3, I’m going to put my energy into a blog that summarizes where I ended up this Season. Overall, I’d have to say that I found this Season to be more frustrating than the previous two.

For whatever reason, th...

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Diablo III: Remembering the Beta

I’ve been digging around on my computer, and found a few screenshots from the Diablo III beta. Back then, I had no idea how to take screenshots in Diablo III, or where they ended up. The computer I’m using now is not the same one as I used during the beta. Somehow, those few, precious, screenshots survived.

It seemed fitting to go ahead and incorporate them into a blog. All the memories about the Diablo III beta came rushing back to me when I found the screenshots. Although I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in several betas since then (and one Technical Alpha), there was just something about this beta that was extra exciting.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken in January and April of 2012.  Whatever other screenshots I may have taken have been lost.

I played the orig...

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Diablo III: Archangel Auriel

Archangel Auriel is one of the members of the Angiris Council. Players encounter her in Diablo III, but very briefly. There’s a quest to rescue her. (She is taken prisoner by Rakanoth). After that, Auriel helps the player character by opening portals from one zone to the next.

There is more to Auriel than what you see in-game. Some of her story is found in The Book of Cain, and a small piece of it is in The Sin War trilogy. There’s also some online websites that give a brief story about who Auriel is. I decided to put all of that together in one place, in order to give people a clearer view of who Archangel Auriel is.

Auriel is t...

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Diablo III: Why am I doing Diablo Blogs for Blaugust?

This month, I have been participating in Blaugust. In short, it is one of those “write one blog every day for a month” type of challenges. It is my understanding that many, if not all, of the people who are participating are writing about video game related topics. (I suspect that other topics are also acceptable).

I’ve been working as a freelance writer since 2010, and there was a time when I was writing 5 blogs a day for work on topics that required me to do some research before I could write the blogs. There is no doubt in my mind that I am capable of writing more than one blog a day, and to keep that up for more than a month.

So, why did I get involved in Blaugust? Why did I decide that I was going to focus on Diablo related blogs for the whole month?

I’ve actually got...

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Diablo III: Some Thoughts About Leah’s Soul

What happened to Leah’s soul after we killed Diablo at the end of Act IV in Diablo III? There are no clear answers to this question. We can only speculate on where Leah’s soul went. That being said, we can also figure out some places where we know Leah’s soul couldn’t possibly have ended up.

For whatever reason, I seem to be haunted by Leah’s soul this week. I decided to share my thoughts on Leah’s soul mostly to get this stuff out of my head and into a blog post. Again, I’d like to point out that some of these thoughts are speculation and not “cannon”.

Isn’t Leah’s soul mixed with Diablo’s?

My original im...

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