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Diablo III: Some Thoughts About Leah’s Soul

What happened to Leah’s soul after we killed Diablo at the end of Act IV in Diablo III? There are no clear answers to this question. We can only speculate on where Leah’s soul went. That being said, we can also figure out some places where we know Leah’s soul couldn’t possibly have ended up.

For whatever reason, I seem to be haunted by Leah’s soul this week. I decided to share my thoughts on Leah’s soul mostly to get this stuff out of my head and into a blog post. Again, I’d like to point out that some of these thoughts are speculation and not “cannon”.

Isn’t Leah’s soul mixed with Diablo’s?

My original im...

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Diablo III: Lady Victoria and the House of Deep Sorrow

Anyone who has played through Act V of Diablo III will find that many of the buildings include smaller side quests. If you are playing through Story Mode, you can choose to ignore them and stick with the main quests, or to see how many you can find. Some of these side quests turn up as Bounties in Adventure Mode.

Overall, the stories presented in these little, randomly appearing, optional objectives paint a picture of how bleak and dangerous Westmarch has become. Each shows what happened to random people who were unfortunate enough to be living in Westmarch when Malthael and his minions came and started ripping out people’s souls.

One of the stories that grabbed my attention is in an objective called “House of Deep Sorrow”. It is short, and fairly simple to complete. The implications of what this short story reveals are very disturbing, (even in context of Diablo III).

The House of Deep...

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Diablo III: The Queen’s Dessert

The Queen’s Dessert is an event in Diablo III (that can also come up as a random Bounty).  The first time I encountered this event was during Season 3.  I’m not entirely certain if this new event is only accessible for Seasonal characters, or whether it has been added to the non-season part of the game as well.

It is one of a few new events that require a player to search for a specific number of targets.  In The Queen’s Dessert event, the player needs to destroy 6 Royal Cocoons and slay the spiders that are guarding each Royal Cocoon.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on April 11, 2015.

The first time I ...

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Diablo III: Not the Cow Level

Diablo III celebrated its third anniversary with a pun filled event that took the “there is no cow level” concept and ran with it. It was announced in a blog post titled Debunking the Cowspiracy which advised citizens of Sanctuary to stay calm… the rumors of an invasion of “homicidal heifers” was nothing more than a clever hoax.

The special event ran from May 15 through May 21, 2015. It occurred while Season 3 was live, but was not limited to seasonal play. All players had the chance to find a cow-like “goblin” (for lack of a better term) that would spawn a portal into the “Not the Cow Level”. Personally, I found this event to be hysterically funny! The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on May 17, 2015.

There was no way to know where a special “cow goblin”...

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Diablo III: Season 3 – To Paragon 20!

This blog is part of a series I am writing about my experience in Season 3 of Diablo III.  I suspect that I won’t have as much to write about this Season (compared to previous seasons) because there are very few Seasonal Achievements to earn.

In a previous blog, McGlynn the Crusader hit Level 70.  She was now ready to earn some Paragon Levels.  I should note that I’m playing a soft core character in Season 3.  As I was working on Paragon Levels, I decided that I wanted her to hit Paragon 20 before I set the difficulty to Torment 1.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on May 2, May 9, May 13, and May 14, 2015.

For Season ...

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Diablo III: It’s Time for a D3 Token

A few months ago, Blizzard introduced the WoW Token. It wasn’t an entirely new concept, since other games have used something similar, but it was new for World of Warcraft players. In short, it gave players a safe way to purchase gold directly from Blizzard.

It also enabled players to use the in-game gold currency to pay for game time (instead of having to use real world currency). Diablo III is not subscription based, so that part of the WoW Token doesn’t relate to Diablo III. Even so, I think it is time for a D3 Token to be added to the game.

Many have s...

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Diablo III: Season 3 – To Level 70!

Season 3 in Diablo III started on April 10, 2015.  This time around, I decided to roll a Crusader (because I didn’t actually have any).  The last time I played a Crusader was during the Reaper of Souls beta.  I named my Crusader McGlynn, after Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (the woman who did the voice of the female Crusader).

After thinking it over, I decided to go soft core for Season 3.  From here on out, I’m just going to alternate between soft core and hard core characters for seasons.  It became clear that I made the right choice because there were some issues with lag when Season 3 began.

This blog focuses on the Seasonal Leveling Achievements that my Crusader earned as she went from Level 1 to Level 70.  These screenshots were taken on April 11, April 12, April 15, April 16, April 17, April 19, April 21, April 26, April 27, April 28, and April 29, 2015.

It was easy...

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Diablo III: Season 2 – Monster Slaying Achievements

The Monster Slaying Achievements in Season 2 of Diablo III are the exact same ones that appeared in Season 1.  Of course, since this is a brand new Season, with a new Seasonal character, players start off without having earned them.  In other words, these Achievements didn’t carry over from Season 1.  I figured that these Achievements would always be part of a new Season, but then Season 3 started without including them.

I earned all of these Achievements in Season 1, with Gurr the Barbarian (who was soft core).  It was fun to try and earn them all over again, though, this time with my hard core Demon Hunter.  Since I’m doing them all over again, I figured it was worth it to make a blog about it.  At the very least, it shows that I really did earn the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements in Season 2.

Bonesaw Achievement Dusk Season 2Bone Saw: 

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Diablo III: Season 2 – Lord of Fools

This is the last blog in my series about my experience in Season 2 in Diablo III. Overall, I had fun playing Dusk the hard core Demon Hunter in Season 2. I wish Season 2 wouldn’t have happened at the same time as a really bad allergy season, but no one can do anything about that. I also felt that Season 2 was short (as compared to Season 1).

My main goal for Season 2 was to get my hard core Demon Hunter to Level 70. After achieving that goal, I decided to push myself in an effort to earn the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that went with Act V. Doing so would mean I got all of those Achievements. It seemed like a good way to finish out Season 2.

The screenshots you see in this blog are all from my push through Act V as I worked on the last three Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements. They were taken on April 4, April 5, and April 6, 2015.

I spe...

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Diablo III: Season 2 – Demon Butcher Achievement

This blog is part of the series I am doing about my experience in Season 2 of Diablo III. The Season has ended but I still have a couple of blogs worth of screenshots about it. My intent was to keep up with the blogging and get finished shortly after Season 2 ended.

Previously, my hard core Demon Hunter hit Level 70 (and started earning some Paragon Points). My main goal was to get him to Level 70. There was only a few days left in Season 2, and I used them to try and earn the remaining Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements. Next up was the Demon Butcher Achievement which players can earn by killing Act IV monsters.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on April 4, 2015.

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