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Desperately Seeking Mario

One of the problems that comes with a new (or, used but new to you) smartphone is that it has a phone number attached to it. In some cases, it is possible for people to transfer their old phone number from one phone to another. I didn’t transfer my old number over for many reasons, one of which was I wanted a “fresh start”.

As a result, I have gotten a number of calls, texts, and messages from people who were desperately seeking to connect with someone named Mario. I’ve never met Mario, and have absolutely no idea who he is. Even so, I’ve ended up learning a bit about his life thanks to all the people who wanted to contact him. If, by random chance, Mario is reading this… please give your friends and family your new phone number. I’d like them to stop calling me.

In general, no one calls me...

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Goodbye to My Flip-Phone

A few weeks ago, I got my very first smartphone. I’m in my early forties, so it may sound strange that I’ve never had my own smartphone until now. It was only a few years ago that I got my very first cell phone – the flip-phone you see in the photo that goes with this blog. I could have gotten a smartphone, but I truly didn’t want one. A flip-phone seemed easier.

Before I delve into my thoughts about my newly purchased iPhone 6, I wanted to write the story of the flip-phone. There were very specific reasons why I wanted an extremely basic cell phone. Things have changed since then, and the old flip-phone has outlived its usefulness.

My flip-phone was a “Go...

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