The Best Health Related #GOPDnD

People on Twitter started using the hashtag #GOPDnD around the same time that the Republicans in Congress were trying to replace the Affordable Care Act with a GOP version that was skimpier in coverage and would have prevented many people from being able to afford health insurance.  (I’m summarizing.)  The hashtag started in March of 2017.

The purpose of #GOPDnD was to complain about the GOP’s horrible health plan in a creative way.  It presents what was happening as though it was part of a Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) campaign.

Later, #GOPDnD was expanded so people could use it to comment on other things the Trump administration was doing.  In this blog, I have gathered up the best #GOPDnD tweets that are about the Affordable Care Act, access to health care, or related to those topics.

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