Angry Hummingbird

When we moved into the mobile home, we had a ton of overgrown bushes in the tiny backyard. Most of them were rose bushes that had grown up to be unbearable. Since I am allergic to pollen, and bees, it seemed like a good idea to get rid of all the rose bushes. They went to someone who came over, dug them up, and drove them to their new home.

They refused to take one of the “bushes” because it turned out to be a tree. One day, it started to grow what looked like tiny little limes. As the year went on, the “limes” grew bigger and developed into something unexpected. They were lemons!

Life had given us lemons. We used the lemons to make fresh lemonade, and some delicious, gluten-free, lemon bars. Last Summer, two little hummingbirds fell in love with the lemon tree. They visited it daily, drank from the flowers, scraped off bits of lemon rind, and fought desperate hummingbird wars with each other. A whole tree of lemons, and they just couldn’t share.

Eventually, we used up all the lemons that we had gathered from the tree. It was time to harvest more, before they fell from the tree and were consumed by ants. When the hummingbirds returned, they didn’t find any lemons, and they were angry! One of them sat on the wire over our yard, and glared down at me, for hours.


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