We launched this site in 2012. It started out as a way to bring together a bunch of different sites we had maintained over the years. That’s why the archives actually go back further than 2012.

The name No Market came to me because I was going thru a more-cynical-than-normal period, and when I was thinking about how to describe this site, the first thing that came to mind was, “Well, this content has no market.” Not so much because it’s bad. But because all of the rules of the Internet circa 2013 emphasize niche content and/or ordered lists of cupcakes. And I knew our website really wasn’t gonna fit that criteria.

In 2013, we moved No Market to a new server. We decided to go over all of the stuff that was already on the site and decide what to keep and what to jettison. Some of the stuff we’ve kept has been updated so it looks nice on our shiny, new WordPress theme. Also, we officially rebranded the site as No Market Collective. Because over the last year, the site has become a place for us and our friends to post things that we thought were cool.

No Market Collective participates in the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

If you would like to crosspost or re-post something you see on No Market Collective – please ask first!  We can negotiate.

If you didn’t bother to ask first, and have stolen something you see on No Market Collective – you will be receiving an invoice.  Our fee for work that has been taken without permission starts at $100.00.


NOTE:  The best content from No Market is in the process of being moved to Book Of Jen (and the rest is going to be deleted.).