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Sunshine by Robin McKinley – book review

Sunshine Book Cover

I got Sunshine as an unexpected gift, from a friend of mine. She started reading it, only to find that the author’s writing style was driving her insane. Frustrated beyond belief, she skipped to the end, and handed to book to me, wondering what I would think of it. Not the most positive way to be introduced to an author whose work was new to me, I admit. My friend told me the book had vampires in it, knowing that this would catch my attention. I do read a lot of books that include vampires. So, I decided to give it a read.

I mus...

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Know It All by Reader’s Digest – book review

Know It All Book Cover

The full title of this book is Know It All : The Little Book of Essential Knowledge. It is published by Reader’s Digest, and has Susan Aldridge , Elizabeth King Humphrey, and Julie Whitaker listed on the front as… editors, I’m guessing? The book is hardcover, and in many ways resembles a high school textbook, except smaller in size, and way more interesting.

Were you the kid who found it fun to read through the Children’s Encyclopedias? Or, maybe you enjoy trivia games, and could use a quick, easy, guide to help you remember certain facts and figures. Perhaps you really enjoy doing little quizzes. If so, then this book was designed with you in mind.

There are nine separate...

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