The Best Tweets from #GirlsWithToys – Part 3!

LEGO scientist by Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph

The #GirlsWithToys was created by anthropologist Kate Clancy. It was in response to a comment made by Shrinivas Kulkarni, an astrophysicist, during an interview. He said: Many scientists, I think, secretly are what I call ‘boys with toys’.

This made Kate Clancy angry, so she posted some photos of her female laboratory students with the “toys” they do science with. She also posted some of herself. Each time, she used the hashtag #GirlsWithToys.

Since then, many women in various fields of science joined in. This blog is the third (and final) post in my series about this hashtag. That being said, the #GirlsWithToys hashtag is still very popular, so there will be more photos of women of science, and their “toys” out there.

Previous to this post, I posted The Best Tweets from #GirlsWithToys – Part 2! and the first post I did on this topic The Best Tweets from #GirlsWithToys.

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Ireland Voted “Yes” for Marriage Equality!

Ireland voted Yes

On May 22, 2015, the people of Ireland voted “Yes” on a referendum that asked whether or not the country should legalize same-sex marriage. This is a historic vote. Ireland has become the first country to ask its electorate to legalize gay marriage.

In other words, Ireland’s people made the decision to legalize same-sex marriage. New Zealand’s parliament legalized same-sex marriage in 2013. In the United States, the legalization of same-sex marriage is happening through the courts. The Supreme Court of the United States recently heard a case regarding the constitutionality of state bans on same-sex marriage. The world waits for the decision of the Justices to be revealed.

One of the things that made the “Yes” vote in Ireland a success was the #HomeToVote campaign. Thousands of Irish emigrants came home to Ireland to cast their vote. This was necessary because Ireland does not allow people to vote remotely.

The tweets you see in this blog cam...

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The Best Tweets from #GirlsWithToys – Part 2!

Lego Scientist by Oleg Shpyrko

Kate Clancy, an anthropologist, created the #GirlsWithToys hashtag. It was in response to a comment made by Shrinivas Kulkarni, an astrophysicist, during an interview. He said: Many scientists, I think, secretly are what I call ‘boys with toys’.

This comment made Kate Clancy angry, so she posted on Twitter some photos of herself with the “toys” she used to do science. She also posted some photos of her female laboratory students with the “toys” they used to do science. She was the first to use the #GirlsWithToys hashtag.

The #GirlsWithToys hashtag became extremely popular as other women, who were scientists, added their own photos of themselves (or female colleagues) who were using “toys” to do science. All together, it is very clear that women are not only capable of doing science, but also are out there, right now, doing it.

This is my second blog that has a collection of those Tweets. The first one got too big and wouldn’t load properly anymore. I moved many of those Tweets here, and will add as many more as I can.

For further details, I suggest you check out the firs...

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Heroes of the Storm: Open Beta – Daily Quests

HOTS Open Beta screen

The Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) Open Beta has started. Players who didn’t get into the Technical Alpha, or the Beta, can now download the game and start playing.  I spent a few hours running around in HOTS today, and it looks to me like the game is ready to go.  That being said, it won’t officially launch for a few more weeks.

Its been a while since I spent some time playing HOTS.  This time, I decided to see if I could manage to complete all three of my Daily Quests. Doing so took longer than I expected and I ended up running out of time.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on May 20, 2015.

In Heroes o...

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The Best Tweets from #GirlsWithToys

Lego Scientist

Kate Clancy is an anthropologist at University of Illinois who is studying evolutionary origins of women’s physiology and cultural origins of gender inequality. With that background, it is easy to see why she got angry over something said in an NPR piece that was part of the “Joe’s Big Idea” series.

In it, Joe Palca interviewed Shrinivas Kulkarni, who is a Caltech astrophysicist. In the interview, Shrinivas Kulkarni said: “Many scientists, I think, secretly are what I call ‘boys with toys’.”

In an article for Slate, Kate Clancy described some of the reasons why the phrase “boys with toys”, as a reference to scientists, bothered her. In response, she posted some photos of herself, her daughter, and some of the laboratory students (all of whom are female), doing science. She used the hashtag #GirlsWithToys.

It took off! Other women in science posted photos of themselves doing science (and the #GirlsWithToys hashtag). I collected some of the best Tweets from #GirlsWithToys in this blog. It is so vitally important for girls to see examples of women who are involved with science.

In the article she wrote for Slate, Kate Clancy pointed out...

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Anti-Austerity Protests in Sheffield and Cardiff

Sheffield protest

On May 16, 2015, there was an anti-austerity protest in Sheffield, England. There is a Facebook page called March Against Austerity that posted information that would help people to attend the protest. “Bring Banners, Placards, Megaphones, and Noise”, it said. The protest started in Devonshire Green at noon.

The purpose for the protest was to demand that the Sheffield council stand up to austerity. People are upset about the Conservative government’s cuts to programs and public services. People are also upset about having the Conservative party (also called Tories) still in power after the recent election. Forge Today reported that an estimated 1,000 people attended the protest.

In addition, there was also an anti-austerity protest in Cardiff, Wales. The protest was organized by the Cardiff People’s Assembly. The purpose was to show disapproval of the newly elected Tory government. Wales Online reports that about 250 showed up.

In this blog, I gathered up the most relevant Tweets about the Sheffield protest and the most relevant tweets about the Cardiff protest.

The following Tweets ar...

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Diablo III: Season 3 – To Paragon 20!

McGlynn Level 70 Season 3 (1)

This blog is part of a series I am writing about my experience in Season 3 of Diablo III.  I suspect that I won’t have as much to write about this Season (compared to previous seasons) because there are very few Seasonal Achievements to earn.

In a previous blog, McGlynn the Crusader hit Level 70.  She was now ready to earn some Paragon Levels.  I should note that I’m playing a soft core character in Season 3.  As I was working on Paragon Levels, I decided that I wanted her to hit Paragon 20 before I set the difficulty to Torment 1.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on May 2, May 9, May 13, and May 14, 2015.

For Season ...

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The Purvi Patel Case – Just the Facts

Judge Gavel

On March 30, 2015, Purvi Patel was sentenced to 20 years in prison for having an abortion. There is reason to believe that what happened wasn’t an abortion at all; it was a miscarriage.

This situation happened in the United States, in Indiana. It was made possible by an Indiana statute that criminalizes abortion by defining it as “feticide” and “murder”. It has been said that the statue was originally intended to protect pregnant women from a third-party attacker. In other words, it would criminalize the actions of a person who caused physical harm to a pregnant woman who lost the baby as a result of the attack.

Instead, that statute is now being used to harm pregnant women. What happened to Purvi Patel is terrifying because it opens the door for the government to put women who have had a miscarriage into prison. There’s a whole lot of very important details that people should know about this case. I’ve got all the facts I could verify in this blog.

* Purvi Patel was 33 years old, and lived...

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Hearthstone: Ninja Card Back

Hearthstone Ninja cardback

The card back for the fourteenth official Hearthstone Ranked Play season was the Ninja card back. In order to obtain this card back, players had to reach Rank 20 (or higher) in Ranked Play during the May 2015 Season.

This month, I decided to see what would happen if I put some effort into completing the Daily Quests. It’s not usually something I pay much attention to. But, I’m starting to get bored with losing over and over again in Ranked Play, so I thought this might spice things up a bit. In general, I allowed the daily quests to select which deck I would use.  In this blog, I’m focusing only on the matches I won and the matches that counted as part of a Daily Quest.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on May 7, May 11, and May 14, 2015.

The first time I ...

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The Anti-Austerity Demonstration in Bristol

Bristol Against Austerity march by Josh Newton

On May 13, 2015, a group called Bristol Against Austerity organized an anti-austerity demonstration in Bristol, England. The Bristol Against Austerity group is composed of 7 teenagers (all of whom are female). Thousands of people attended the demonstration.

The purpose of the demonstration was to show disgust at the UK government’s attitude toward the NHS and welfare spending. In short, the Conservative Party that won the election wants to make changes to the country’s National Health System that many feel are not good for the people. They are also showing disapproval of the austerity measures that involve making cuts to welfare programs.

In this blog, I have collected the most interesting Tweets from the Anti-Austerity Demonstration that happened in Bristol. People used the hashtag #BristolAgainstAusterity on Twitter.

It should b...

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