Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy-Two

Today, the pollen count was 8.  My original plan for today was to go outside and buy some clothes.  I hate shopping, and tend to hold off doing it until I’ve literally worn holes in items and need to replace them.  Walking around the store, and trying on a bunch of clothing until something fits, takes more energy for me than it does for healthy people.

I am still anemic, and simply do not have the energy to carry out that plan.

So, I worked on some fun blogs (meaning: unpaid) and watched the Cubs game.  I drove to get food while the game was on and my husband and I played maybe fifteen minutes of Pokémon Go.  We watched the rest of the game. (The Cubs lost this one.).

As the sun was going down, I went outside to do about 30 minutes of yard work...

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Pokémon GO: My PokéDex

The tagline of all of the Pokémon games is: “Gotta catch ’em all!” I’m working on that – even though I doubt I’ll have the opportunity to catch the Pokémon that are not available in the United States.  It is unlikely that I’ll be able to afford to travel.  There is the potential that Niantic will allow trading of Pokémon – but I’m not counting on that happening.

The easiest way I could think of to show what Pokémon...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy-One

Today, the pollen count was 7.8 and it was very windy outside.  I woke up sick and already experiencing allergy symptoms – itching eyes.  I am still feeling very anemic.

Put that all together, and it means I have almost no energy with which to be productive.  By “productive”, I mean “doing something that makes money.” This is the definition I hold myself to after decades of being poor.  Obviously, there are plenty of things that can be defined as “productive” that don’t result in money.  But, money pays the bills – so there’s where my head goes.

Fortunately, I finished all of my writing work for this month.  No idea how I managed to do that a couple of days early.  This probably explains why, a few days ago, I was feeling like all I did was sleep and work.

I needed this day off more...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Seventy

Today, the pollen count is 7.5.  It’s not great.  Ideally, I need the pollen count to be 6 or less for about two weeks – and then I can recover.

I woke up anemic today, which is annoying, but not painful.  It adds to my exhaustion, and I already have low energy (due to fighting allergens for 70 days and also due to fibromyalgia).  Anemia makes me very spacey and unfocused in a way that is completely different from what Benadryl does to me or what “fibro fog” feels like.

It’s going to take me about a week or two to re-grow the blood that I lost because my body decided to have a heavy period sixty-some days into Spring Pollen Season. There is nothing I can do about that.

Someday, I’ll be in menopause – which I am looking forward to...

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Sixty-Nine

Today, the pollen count is 8.0. Spring Pollen Season refuses to end. My sinuses have been burning and hurting for the past three or four days, and nothing I take does anything to change that.

When I experience pain, it is most often due to my rheumatoid arthritis and/or fibromyalgia. I tend to forget that allergy reactions can be very painful, too. Sometimes, I forget how bad my sinus pain is – until it suddenly reminds me.

I need Spring Pollen Season to end. It’s making it very difficult for me to get any paid work done. I’m sleeping so much that it feels like all I do is sleep and work and sleep and work.

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Spring Pollen Season – Day Sixty-Eight

The pollen count today is 7.8. I was able to stay inside today, and this allowed me to do a little bit of cleaning. Naturally, that resulted in my needing half a Benadryl – which led to a long nap.

I’m exhausted. The hell-period that was depleting me yesterday is still draining me today. So, between that and allergens, I decided to take today off and rest and try and eat enough to avoid falling deeply into anemia.

The highpoint of the day was that the Cubs won their game with the Pirates 14-3!

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Notes About Things in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Season 1

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a Netflix Original TV series that is about a woman who is rescued from a doomsday cult. Kimmy is trying to make a new life. The show is goofy and weird.

I put together some notes about things that stuck in my mind after watching each episode.

WARNING: There are spoilers.

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Sixty-Seven

Today’s pollen count is 8.4. I had to go outside today because my body decided now, after sixty-seven days of being overloaded with allergens, was the perfect time to start a hell-period. After several months of almost nothing at all – THIS is the moment my body decides to catch up (or whatever it is trying to do).

We don’t want to have children, and I’m on an extremely effective birth control. I’m in my 40s. I’d like an “off-button”, please. From this point forward, I’ll be fighting against anemia as well as allergy symptoms.

My husband and I had a bunch of things we wanted to get from CVS, and now I had more things to get. So, off we went. We played Pokémon GO for about 10 minutes or so. This was all the “exercise” I was going to be able to manage.

The Cubs lost their game t...

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Sixty-Six

Today’s pollen count is 8.2. It seems to be bouncing between 7 and 8.6 or so. I’m hoping that this means that I won’t have to suffer through any more days where the pollen count is at 9 or 10 (at least, not during this particular pollen season).

I was somehow well enough to go outside and get a little bit of exercise while playing Pokémon GO with my husband. As usual, that took away almost all of my energy. It’s a trade off. Meaning, I wasn’t really well enough – just stubborn.

I’m wondering if what I thought was Spring Pollen Season is “the new normal”. Have we messed up the planet so badly that we are now stuck with an extended Spring? I’ve been tracking the pollen count where I live for a few years now...

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Spring Pollen Season 2017 – Day Sixty-Five

Today, the pollen count is 7.6. I’m hoping this is a sign that Spring Pollen Season is coming to an end soon. I need the pollen to go below 6 for about two weeks – and then I will feel better.

I’m super sick today from allergen overload. I’m struggling to eat. I’m struggling to keep food in me.

In the past, there have been times when pollen season makes me lose weight too quickly. I’m borderline anemic, and lack of food can quickly flip that into full blown anemia. I’m already exhausted – and I really don’t want to fight my way through the special kind of exhaustion anemia brings.

I have found that taking iron pills only helps if I can keep it in me long enough for my body to digest it. That’s not gonna happen today.

I’m gonna watch the Cubs game today and (hopefully) distract mysel...

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