Hearthstone: Unlocking the Warrior Deck

Jaina v Garrosh unlock warrior deck

It has been a while since I played Hearthstone.  The new Naxxramus stuff got my attention and made me want to log in once again.  This was when I noticed that I had one more deck left to unlock.  It took me more than five attempts to beat (and unlock) the Warrior deck in practice mode (playing against the A.I. instead of a human player).  My goal was to keep trying until I won.  These screenshots were taken on July 23, 2014.

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World of Warcraft: WoD Beta – My Draenei has no Hair!

WoD Draenei premade 90 screen

This blog is part of my series with my thoughts about, and experiences in, the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor beta. So far, things have been interesting! I decided to roll a pre-made Level 90 character so I could see some of the new stuff without having to actually take the time to level a character all the way up.  When I started playing this beta, I rolled a brand new Level 1 female Orc Warrior.

Next, I thought it would be a good idea to roll an Alliance character, so I could see both sides of things.  The WoW character I’ve spent the most time playing is my female Draenei Shaman – so that’s what I rolled.  I did not expect to end up with a bald female Draenei, but that is what happened!  The screenshots that you see in this blog were taken on July 20, 2014.

The female Draene...

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Flight Rising: Theme Week – Put a Bird on it!

Bulah becoming a bird

Flight Rising has created some interesting Theme Weeks for players to participate in.  I haven’t done all of them, but I try and contribute when I can.   The most recent one I’ve added to was called “Put a Bird on it!”

The instructions for this Theme Week said: “Show us your feathery, bird wearing, or wanna-be feathered/bird-like dragons!”  You could post a maximum of three.  I decided to go ahead and post them here, too.   The forum post (in the Dragon Share Forum) for the theme weeks disappear when the week is over.

I don’t have any dragons that are “...

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Some Photos From Our Las Vegas Trip

Luxor Hotel Casino

Jen and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary last week by taking a trip to Las Vegas. It’s not actually the first time we’d been to Vegas as we had stopped there for one night while moving from Illinois to California in 2005. But this time, we weren’t already worn out from days of continuous travel. Also, we didn’t have a small flock of pet birds to look after. In a way, this was more like our first real time in the city of big lights and big casinos.

We flew from California to Las Vegas via the Santa Maria Public Airport. It’s actually the fastest, least expensive and easiest way to get from the Central Coast to Vegas. The Santa Maria Airport, while a bit bigger than the San Luis Obispo Airport, is still relatively small. Ours was the first flight out of the day and we may have been the first passengers to arrive.

Santa Maria Airport

Santa Maria Airport

Santa Maria Airport

The plane that carried us to ...

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Flight Rising: Emerald Webwing

Emerald Webwing

One of the cool things about Flight Rising is that it includes Familiars.  They are sort of like little pets that you can assign to any of the dragons in your Lair.  Click on each Familiar, once a day, to earn Treasure (and the occasional chest full of loot).  I’ve already earned both of the Achievements that are associated with obtaining a certain number of Familiars.  So, now I’m making blogs about each new Familiar that I get.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Emerald Webwing text


Emerald Webwing – Familiar – Warped by arcane energies, this twisted bird bears little resemblance to its parents.  All its eyes are looking in different directions.  - Sell Value: 1525

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World of Warcraft: WoD Beta – Orc Starting Zone

WoD Beta email art

This blog is the first in what I intend to become a series about my experiences in, and thoughts about, the World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Beta. I did not expect to get in, so it was especially exciting to receive the email that let me know that I had been selected to play the beta.

It turned out that there was a battle to be fought before I could access the beta. First, I needed to move a lot of stuff off of my computer and onto my external hard drive in order to make space for the beta. That took the better part of a day to achieve.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on July 13, 2014.

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Senators Who Voted No on the Protect Women’s Health From Corporate Interference Act

Oveturn Hobby Lobby

The Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act of 2014 was created in response to the Supreme Court’s decision on what is being referred to as the Hobby Lobby case. The bill is also called S. 2578, and the “Not My Boss’s Business Act”.

The main purpose of the bill was to ensure that employers cannot interfere in their employees’ birth control and other health care decisions. On July 16, 2014, the Senate voted on S. 2578. The vote was 56 -43. It got the majority of votes. However, since this bill was required to obtain a minimum of 60 votes in order for it to pass, the bill failed.  In this blog, I will point out which Senators voted no on the bill, and which one chose not to vote at all. I will also provide more information about what was in the bill.

The Protect Women from Corporate In...

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Heroes of the Storm: Technical Alpha – Practice Freezes My Computer

Practice HOTS1

This blog is part of my series about my experiences in the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha. So far, I’ve only had the opportunity to play it for a little while. I’d very much like to play more, make some progress, and see what else this game has to offer. Unfortunately, I’ve hit a “bug” that is preventing that from happening. The “PRACTICE” mode keeps making my computer freeze.

Obviously, this will be my last blog about the Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) Technical Alpha until I can get back into the game. I am hopeful that Blizzard will fix the “bug” soon. They cannot possibly have meant for things to function.. or rather, malfunction… like this. The way I see it, the main purpose of a Technical Alpha (or a beta) is to have players run into problems like this one so it can be fixed before the game is launched. It is actually good to have this type of problem now.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on July 13, 2014.

This is how my most recent experience playing in the HOTS T...

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Diablo III: T is for Templar

The Templar

This blog was supposed to be completed in April as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  The rules for the challenge require you to write one blog, every day, during the month of April.  It can be about anything you want, so long as you find a way to make each topic fit the letter of the day.  I wanted to use the experience as a way to push myself to get started writing about Diablo III (and its “universe”).

Unfortunately, that proved to be a bigger task than I expected.  I had a lot to say about the Diablo III topics I selected, and I needed some time to research each blog (to make sure I was spelling things correctly and had the lore right).  As such, I did not complete the A to Z Challenge.  I still wanted to write about the topics I picked, though.  The only difference is that they can now be completed whenever I have time.

T is for Templar.  The Templar is one of the Followers that players get in Diablo III.  Kormac the Templar goes through a lot of character development from the first time the player encounters him through Act V.  In this blog, I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the Templar. (There are some “spoilers” here for those who have not completed Act V in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.)

Kormac became a Templar...

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Flight Rising: Legacy Challenge – Fourth Generation

Soar as a baby

The Flight Rising Legacy Challenge is a 10 generation breeding challenge. The goal is to start with an ungened starter dragon and end up with an attractive triple gened dragon. Those who are posting blogs about their experience with the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge on Tumblr are using #flight rising legacy challenge.

There are specific rules and limitations that you must follow while you are doing this challenge. For example, the mate of your Founder dragon must be from the same Dragon Flight. The Heir dragon (who becomes the next Founder) is always the first dragon hatched from a clutch of eggs. It makes the challenge more interesting. In this blog, I will focus on my fourth generation of dragons. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

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