Why I’m Making My Twitter Account Private – Forever


When I first started using Twitter, back in 2008 or so, it was a whole lot of fun. Twitter allowed me to have conversations with podcasters that I’d met via podcasting, and who lived far away from me. It felt like a welcoming community.

Years later, Twitter has changed. The people who I follow are awesome, interesting, and creative. I feel lucky to have found them and that they have decided to follow me back (and talk with me from time to time). The problem I’m having is with the multitude of truly horrible people who have found Twitter, and who seem to think it is the best place in the world to share their awful opinions.

So, rather than continuing to play “whack-a-mole” in the hopes of creating some form of safety that Twitter simply refuses to provide – I’m making my Twitter account private. I will be making that change seconds after I post this blog and I will leave my account private forever.

This week, the drama of the moment ...

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Hearthstone: Why I Took A Break

Sept 2015 Rank 21

It has been a while since I’ve logged into Hearthstone. After having an extremely disappointing September in the game, I decided to step away from it for a bit. Things simply got too frustrating.

The September 2015 Season was the first one where I was completely unable to earn the card back. The first time I earned one was the Hallow’s End card back (from the October 2014 Season), and I’ve been able to hit Rank 20 every Season since then.   Needless to say, being stuck at Rank 21 in the September 2015 Season was a disappointment.

It didn’t seem to matter how hard I tried, how often I “tweaked” my decks, or even the time of day or night that I was playing. The game had changed, and the card backs were now out of reach. In this blog, I point out some of the reasons why I took a break from Hearthstone.

I knew, at the end of the September...

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Farm Heroes Saga: Episode One – Dairy District

Completed Episode 1 Dairy District

Recently, Activision Blizzard acquired King Entertainment. You might know King from their Candy Crush game. It turns out that they have a game called Farm Heroes Saga that involves virtual food. I tend to enjoy those.

This particular game is of the “match three” type. In addition, it includes special little “extras” that prevent things from getting monotonous. It didn’t take very long for me to complete the first episode of the game.

Farm Heroes Saga appears to h...

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Flight Rising: Deadland Disciple

Deadland Disciple

The Deadland Disciple was the holiday Familiar for the 2015 Riot of Rot. Each festival is connected to a particular Dragon Flight. This one celebrates the Plague Flight. The 2015 Riot of Rot took place during the last week of October, 2015.

In order to obtain the special holiday items that go with the Riot of Rot, players needed to gather (or purchase, or craft) the All-Seeing Shroom currency. It is also possible to use the “leftover” holiday currency that was gathered during a previous Riot of Rot festival.

The Deadlan...

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Instagram Photo Project: Humidity and Politics

The question was: What's the newest edition to the political stickers on my car?

I started my Instagram Project on my 42nd birthday. I realized that 42 was “The Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything” and I set out to see what answers this year would bring me. The photos are the answers. I post a comment that shows what the question was.

These photos were all taken in August of 2015, during some extremely hot, humid, weather. The photos in this blog were taken on August 10, August 16, August 18, August 21, August 22, and August 28, 2015.

I’m not sur...

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Twitter Haiku: October Problem Solving


October was a busy, and difficult, month. It required us to do a lot of problem solving in order to improve our quality of life. This involved “Studio Move 2015”, which kicked up a lot of extra dust.

In addition, there were several other, smaller, things that required us find a solution for. By the time the month was over, things were much better than they used to be.

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World of Warcraft: Riglee Goes Trick-Or-Treating

Orebor Harborage Zangarmarsh

Hallow’s End is my favorite world event in World of Warcraft. It’s fun to go trick-or-treating and get turned into a skeleton (or other various costumes).

I cannot complete the entire event yet, because Riglee is only level 71. This year, Riglee went trick-or-treating around Azeroth in the hopes of finishing off as much as she could of the Hallow’s End stuff.

It just so happen...

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Diablo III: Queen Asylla’s Trick or Treat Tour

Queen Asylla

The @Diablo account on Twitter posted something special for Halloween. It a little story called “Queen Asylla’s Trick or Treat Tour”.

In the story, Queen Asylla (who is a ghost) goes trick-or-treating around Sanctuary. I love that they picked Queen Asylla for this story! She’s an interesting character that I think has a lot more potential than what we see in-game.

I’ve gathered up the entire tweeted story so it will be easy to find later on.

Shortly before @Diablo starte...

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Diablo III: Season Journey Chapter 3

Completed Chapter 3 of Season Journey

Season 4 of Diablo III included something new called the Season Journey. Players who complete every objective, in all of the chapters, will receive a special portrait and a pet. I have now completed 3 out of the 4 chapters.

My hope is that I will be able to finish the entire Season Journey before Season 4 ends. Right now, I think it might be something I can accomplish if I keep working at it.  I thought that Chapter 4 was the end of the Season Journey.  Then, something popped up that indicated that there was much more to do beyond Chapter 4.

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Best Tweets About the Runaway JLENS Blimp

JLENS Aerostat Wikimedia commons

On October 28, 2015, a JLENS aerostat blimp broke free from its moorings and floated away. The military blimp went on a four-hour, 160-mile trip before running out helium and drifting to the ground somewhere in Pennsylvania.

When I first started seeing tweets about the blimp on Twitter, I wasn’t sure if it was real or a hoax. But, after the photos started appearing, it became clear that there really was an escaped blimp out there. I gathered up the best tweets about the JLENS aerostat blimp.


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