Flight Rising: Legacy Challenge – Sixth Generation

Norbert as baby

The Flight Rising Legacy Challenge is a 10 generation breeding challenge. You begin with an ungened starter dragon. Next, you purchase a mate for that dragon and start the challenge. The goal is to end up with an attractive triple gened dragon. Those who are posting blogs about their experience with the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge on Tumblr are using #flight rising legacy challenge.

When I started this challenge, I had absolutely no idea how long it would take! It’s been kind of tedious to go through the same steps, and follow the same rules, for each new generation. The biggest problem is that some breeds of dragons take longer than others to be ready for the Breeding Ground. I have not learned how to time this well. I’m not giving up on it because I am more than halfway done with the challenge. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The dragons...

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What I Learned While Deleting Bookmarks

Bookmarks by Nancy Williams

I am a digital packrat. I save tons of screenshots from video games (which I will put into a blog – really!). I save political images that catch my attention. I have a bad habit of saving photos of tons of cute little animals while I am high on antihistamines. (Many of those have been deleted). For whatever reason, I have been attempting to hang onto a bunch of digital stuff that I figured I would someday need.

The other thing I do is bookmark more things than anyone could possibly have a need for. Some of those bookmarks are to things that I plan on writing about for work. The rest are mostly politically related news articles that I, for whatever reason, thought I would need. It’s time to let those go.

Instead of just deleting them all, I’ve decided to take one last look at some of them. There are bookmarks that are years old now! I’ve created my own little internet wayback machine, in a way. As such, I’m learning quite a bit from these old bookmarks. Some of the more interesting stuff I learned is in this blog.

* Huffington Post article fro...

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World of Warcraft: How Long Have you Played? Has that been Continuous?

Hansbrix and Riglee

This blog is part of the series I am writing because I want to participate in the 10 Years: 10 Questions project. (You can click that link if you want to find out more about it.) The project involves 10 questions that are being asked of all World of Warcraft (WoW) players. It requires people to reflect on their experiences with the game during the 10 years that it has existed.

For me, the previous six questions in the project were fairly easy to answer.  I read the question and instantly had a general idea of what my answer would be.  Of course, sometimes the final blog ended up veering out into other directions as I wrote it.  This question, however, is one that I don’t really have a lot to say about.

That doesn’t mean that I think it is a bad question.  It is a very valid question, especially considering the number of players who were extremely vocal about quitting World of Warcraft – forever – not too long ago.  For me, my answer to this question isn’t very dramatic or complex.  I suppose it does not have to be – so long as I give an honest answer.

Question 7: How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

I started playing World of Warcraft...

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Twitter Haiku: Few and Far Between

Jen Day344 Year6

August was a crazy month.  The majority of my activity on Twitter in August consist of retweeted photos, links to news articles, vines, and comments regarding Ferguson.  Like a lot of people, I was really shook up about what was happening out there. It didn’t feel right to make haiku out of the situation.  

My health was not good at all in August, and I was sick for the entire month (due to one reason or another).  I also started more than one new writing “gig”.  This is my explanation as to why I didn’t end up writing much haiku on Twitter in the past few weeks.

The haiku that usually fill my Twitter page were few and far between in August.  What you see here are the ones that I could still access and that sounded better than the others. Considering everything, I’m going to give myself credit for trying.

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Diablo III: Season 1 – Act 1 – Achievements

Gurr Season 1 Start of Act II Level 22

I’ve decided to do a series of blogs about my progress through the very first Season in Diablo III.  This one is about all the Achievements that Gurr the Barbarian got in his adventure through Act 1 of Story Mode (on Normal Difficulty).  There is a Leaderboard that has to do with Achievements.  I doubt I will get on it, so I’m making my own personal version of it here.

If you want to check out the other aspects of what I accomplished in Season 1, you can take a look at my previous blog in this series. It shows Gurr’s Adventure through Act I. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on either August 29, 2014, or August 30, 2014.

Season 1 Heroes of the AgesHero of the Ages

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World of Warcraft: Do you have an Area of the Game that you Always Return to?

Zoeie flies to Ironforge

This is part of the series I am doing because I want to participate in the 10 Years: 10 Questions project.  (Click that link if you want to find out more about it.)  The project asks all players of World of Warcraft to answer the same 10 questions.  The answers that people give will be collected up and presented in a series of podcasts.  I am looking forward to listening to those!

Each of the ten questions requires players to sit down and think about their answer.  For some of the questions, I knew the main thing I was going to answer it with.  But, when I started writing, I ended up remember things that I had completely forgotten about.  It has been a fascinating challenge!

Question 6: Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

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Diablo III: Season 1 – Act 1 The Adventure of Gurr Begins!

Gurr Season 1 Barbarian Level 1

On August 29, 2014, Diablo III did something that made many players really excited. They released the very first Season! I quickly rolled a male Barbarian named Gurr and started playing. If you know what a Ladder is, then you pretty much have the idea of what a Season is.

A Season lasts for a certain amount of time. There are special Achievements, loot, Legendary items, and other stuff involved with it. I decided to push myself to do as much as I can in this very first Season. Ideally, I want to make blogs about the progress I made each day. Yesterday, I managed to get through all of Act I in one session – something I’d never done before.  The screenshots you see in this blog are from August 29, 2014, and the wee morning hours of August 30, 2014.

Season 1 has begunSEASON 1 ha...

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World of Warcraft: What is your favorite aspect of the game?


This blog is part of the series I am writing because I want to participate in the 10 Years: 10 Questions project. (Click that link to find out more about it.) World of Warcraft players are asked 10 questions about their memories of, and opinions, about World of Warcraft.  The game has been around for 10 years now, and it seems fitting to reflect upon it with 10 questions.

I’ve done some blogging about WoW before I decided to answer these ten questions.  However, this is the first time I’ve tried to do a series of posts about WoW where the emphasis was on the writing instead of the screenshots.  That’s new!  I’m unsure if I will continue this style after I finish the ten questions.   Right now, it’s a fun challenge.

Question 5: What is your favorite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Without a doubt, my favorite ...

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Flight Rising: Magma Embear

Magma Embear

The Magma Embear was part of the 2014 Flameforger’s Festival in Flight Rising.  It is an annual event that takes place at the end of August.  At the time I am writing this blog, there are still a few days left in which players can participate in the Flameforger’s Festival.  This time around, all of the special Holiday Familiars are bears.  Last time, it was a series of Sprites.

The best way to obtain an Elemental Familiar is to pick it up while the holiday is going on.  Miss that opportunity, and you will have a much harder time of getting that particular Familiar.  You can take your chances in the Auction House (and hope another player is selling one).  Or, you can wait and see what Familiar will appear as part of a randomized event in December. All of the artwork in this post is a copyright of Flight Rising.

The quickes...

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World of Warcraft: What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

goodbye Magni another view

This blog is one that I am writing because I want to participate in the 10 Years: 10 Questions project.  (Click the link to find out more about it).   Obviously, that means that I should have a ten part series when I am finished.  Ideally, I’d like to finish before the deadline, September 1, 2014, but I will continue the writing even it miss the cut off.

Each of the 10 questions asks players of World of Warcraft to look back at their experiences during the 10 years that World of Warcraft has been in existence.  Players are free to give any answer that they feel is appropriate for the questions.  I’ve barely begun working on this set of questions, and already, it has made me really think about what this game has meant to me and what I’ve done in it.

Question 4: What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

Without a doubt, ...

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