SCOTUS Refused Kentucky Clerk’s Plea

WKYT photo of Rowan County Courthouse

On August 31, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) refused a plea from Kim Davis. She is the clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, who has been refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

In short, Kim Davis feels that having to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple violates her religious freedom. So, she decided to violate the Fourteenth Amendment rights of the same-sex couples, and opposite-sex couples, who wanted to get married in the county that they lived in.

How did this clerk’s plea reach the Supreme Court of the United States? In this blog, I will provide the facts about how this situation got started, and what happened along the way.

* In ...

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Diablo III: What I Learned from Doing #Blaugust

Congrats image

This is my very last post for #Blaugust, a project the requires participants to write one blog, every day, through the month of August. It is my understanding that you could write about whatever you wanted to, but most people seem to be writing about video game topics.

I chose to challenge myself by writing about Diablo III for each and every post. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely certain that I would be able to complete this project on time. I’m a freelance writer, so I knew that I could write a blog every day. I often write two or more each day. The difficulty was to see if I could come up with enough things to say about Diablo III for an entire month’s worth of blogs.

I’ve learned quite a bit from my experience with #Blaugust, especially about how to write video game related blogs. So, for my last post for the project, I’m going to share what I learned from doing #Blaugust.

Just to be clear, I’m posting...

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Diablo III: Captain Rumford

Captain Rumford

Captain Rumford is one of the first NPC (non-player characters) that players interact with in New Tristram. If you’ve been playing Diablo III for a long time, you probably skip over the dialogue that involves Captain Rumford. You’ve heard it at least a dozen times by now.

His story is worth taking a second look at. Not only does it tell quite a bit about who he is, it also gives a glimpse into the lives of the people who lived in and around New Tristram when the dead started rising.

Assuming th...

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Diablo III: Dead and Waiting and Brawling

Una brawling

I found a folder of screenshots from a “Dead and Waiting” event that the hosts and listeners of Shattered Soulstone did on June 4, 2013.  I’ve only attended a few of these events.  This particular one involved Brawling.

Part of the reason why I am posting Diablo III screenshots from years ago is because this post is part of my contribution to #Blaugust. One of my goals was to use up some of the screenshots that I’d been hoarding.  I meant to make a blog out of them someday… so, someday is today.  The other reason is because these screenshots show my second hardcore character.  At the time, I was extremely new to playing hardcore.

Once again, we broke into sma...

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Diablo III: Season 4 Begins!

Sparkle level 1 Season 4

If you follow any gamers on Twitter, you cannot help but have heard that Season 4 of Diablo III has begun!  I was excited about it, but having a bad allergy day, so I could only play for a little while.  My husband, Shawn, decided to join me and that made Season 4 extra fun.

So far, all the blogging I’ve done for any Season in Diablo III looks different from the blogging for previous, or later, Seasons. There’s always something new to check out, so I end up focusing on different aspects of the game each time.  I think that my Season 4 blogging will focus on my progress as I level up my character, and also on the newly added Season Journey.

It is impos...

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Hearthstone: Darkspear Card Back

Darkspear card back

The Darkspear Card Back was the card back for the sixteenth official Hearthstone Ranked Play Season. To get it, players had to hit Rank 20 (or higher) in Ranked Play mode before the end of the July 2015 Season.

Once again, I attempted to pair up my Daily Quests with my Ranked Play matches.  This doesn’t always work out perfectly, but does give me the feeling that I’m making progress (even if I lose several matches in a row).  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on July 22, July 23, and July 24, and August 2, 2015.

I have foun...

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501 Minutes to Christ by Poe Ballantine – book review

501 Minutes to Christ book cover

501 Minutes to Christ is a collection of personal essays written by Poe Ballentine.  They are in the first person viewpoint, as one would expect with stories that are taken from the author’s real life experiences.  This book is not one of those Christian inspiration books that include short stories that attempt to restore a person’s faith and make them feel uplifted.  It is not a book of prayer.

The title of the book comes from a small piece of one of the personal essays.  In it, a man is standing in the doorway of a church holding a sign that says “501 Minutes to Christ”.  No further explanation is given by the man holding the sign, or the author writing about it.  You are left to come to your own conclusions about what exactly that was supposed to mean.

There is one story call...

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Diablo III: Lore of Duriel

Duriel book of Cain

Duriel is one of the Lesser Evils.  He has what has been referred to as a “twin”.  The lore that is about Andariel indicates that they are not related to each other. They aren’t really siblings. The reason those two Lesser Evils are considered to be “twins” is because the actions of one of them compliments and assists what the other does (in a sick, twisted, way).

Duriel is the Lord of Pain. In the Book of Cain, Duriel is described as “brother to Andariel”. However, Andariel is described as Duriel’s “so called twin”. Their relationship gets a bit more confusing if you consider the information found about Duriel in Diablo III.

There is a journal that players can find in Diablo III that...

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Hundreds Stood With Planned Parenthood at Utah Capitol

Planned Parenthood Rally Utah Aug 2015

On August 25, 2015, hundreds of people who supported Planned Parenthood gathered at the Utah state Capitol. The purpose of the rally was to show disapproval of the decision made by Governor Gary Herbert (Republican) to defund Planned Parenthood. The rally was a push for the Governor to reverse the order.

This decision was made based on highly edited videos created by an anti-choice group called the Center for Medical Progress. It should be noted that exactly zero federal dollars go to abortion (due to the Hyde Amendment, which was added to the Constitution in 1976). Governor Gary Herbert’s decision to cut funding from Planned Parenthood will only result in preventing low-income women, and women who use Medicaid, from being able to access affordable women’s health care.

Once again, a Republican Governor has allowed the lies spread by anti-choice groups to be used as an excuse for defunding Planned Parenthood. Doing so is going to harm the women of his state. In this blog, I have the best tweets about the rally at the Utah state Capitol. It is clear that there are plenty of people in Utah who disagree with the Governor’s harmful, short sighted, incorrect decision.

The Daily Utah Ch...

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Twitter Haiku: Overloaded August

Coffee from Starbucks

August was overwhelming physically, emotionally, and financially. Some of this was my own fault, and the rest was unavoidable. I was in fear of what the upcoming ragweed season would do to me, so I really pushed myself to do things before my allergies got horrible, again, for an indeterminate amount of time.

In August, is seemed as though there was a good chance that my car wouldn’t be able to pass the smog test. We live in a place that has a good public transportation system, but not having a car would still have been less than ideal. I pushed myself to podcast, and write, as much as possible before I became too sick to do anything. This was probably not the wisest month for me to join one of those “write a blog every day” projects, but I did it anyway. Shawn and I are also trying to finish up a big audio project.

As such, August was overwhelming, overloaded, and exhausting. My tweets reflect my frustration and lack of energy.

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